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church live streaming

The Full Guide To Streaming Live Church Services

Streaming church services live is becoming more and more popular, but there are some important things to consider before you start. This guide will explain everything you need to know about church live streaming. Church live streaming has become a hot topic in the church world as of late. A church can now stream its […]

How to Modernize Your Church

How to Modernize Your Church

Learn all about how you can modernize your church and give it a much-needed refresh for the years ahead. Introduction  Churches have a long-standing history. Their walls have held countless sermons and heard every prayer that has been uttered within them, so it is not surprising that there is some reluctance to modernize churches for […]

will live streaming cause my church to grow

Will Live Streaming Cause My Church To Grow? A Case Study

WILL LIVE STREAMING AFFECT CHURCH ATTENDANCE? To stream or not to stream? That’s a great question. Streaming can be a polarizing subject among ministries, as one of the primary reasons why churches ultimately decide for or against implementing it comes down to the issue of church growth. On the one hand, some believe that streaming […]

best ptz cameras

The Best PTZ Cameras For Churches And Houses Of Worship

Over the last 8 years, I have set up 3 different live streaming systems for churches I have been a part of or have pastored. In all of these systems, I have encouraged the churches to use PTZ Cameras. PTZ means Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and they are the most versatile church camera available for church live […]

Church Live Streaming

A Beginner’s Guide to Live Streaming From Your Church

Everything you need to know to get your service live streams up and running Table of Contents Why Live Streaming What Would I Live Stream Picking Your Platform What Equipment Will You Need Other Considerations Letting People Know Summary 2020 changed everything. It really did. It has made our society re-evaluate everything we do. From […]

What Are PTZ Cameras

What Are PTZ Cameras? Plus 11 Other Frequently Asked Questions

What Are PTZ Cameras? PTZ cameras are cameras that have mechanical parts that make it possible for them to pan to the left and right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out on images. This allows them to get the shots they need without losing resolution or pixelating the image. People use PTZ cameras for […]

best video switchers

Best Video Switchers For Church

As the church has entered the world of live streaming and video production, the demand for video switchers has increased exponentially. So has the demand for honest recommendations and upfront information concerning these products. Having spent 7 years live streaming now, I thought that I could add to this conversation and hopefully help you as you put […]

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