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videoing church services

Videoing Church Services: 10 Practical Tips

Many churches and ministries are looking for ways to reach more people in their community with the gospel. One way that can be done is through videoing church services. This blog post will offer 10 practical tips on how you can start videoing your church’s worship services today! Our church has had a video team […]

How to Modernize Your Church

How to Modernize Your Church

Learn all about how you can modernize your church and give it a much-needed refresh for the years ahead. Introduction  Churches have a long-standing history. Their walls have held countless sermons and heard every prayer that has been uttered within them, so it is not surprising that there is some reluctance to modernize churches for […]

video production equipment guide

Church Video Production Equipment Guide

What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Church Video Production Ministry? This article was first featured on our church technology website called Easy Church Tech. What equipment do you need for quality video production for your church? While most smartphones and tablets can record HD video and may include basic editing features, you need […]

The easy guide to church video production

The Easy Guide To Church Video Production For Beginners

Guide to Video Production for Beginners If you are new to the world of video production, then it is completely normal to be overwhelmed, as there is a lot to learn and to take into consideration before you can start making professional videos that are impressive and get your point across. Because you’re overwhelmed, it’s […]

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