AKG Microphones

AKG Microphones

Church Technology Superstore has a large selection of AKG microphones for your pro audio and sound system needs in your church.

Things to Consider When Buying AKG Microphones

AKG is an electronics company that, in addition to other items, makes high-quality microphones. Let’s face it, whether you’re live-streaming or recording an event, the microphones you use are crucial if you want to get great results. If you’re a small business or a house of worship, not to worry because they make these microphones at prices that are very reasonable, especially when compared to other companies’ microphones.

To decide which of their microphones is best for your needs, you have to look at the main features to make sure you get what you want. Below are a few characteristics you may want to check out on their microphones.


AKG makes microphones starting at $99 and going up to around $1,100. While cost should not be the only consideration you look at when shopping for microphones, it has to at least be looked at. The good news is, AKG makes roughly nine different microphones for you to choose from, so whether you want a wireless microphone or a large stand-alone microphone, you’ll always get what you need with AKG.

Noise Cancellation

Most microphones have this capability, and when you’re livestreaming or recording something, it’s a must. The CM311 condenser microphone, for example, is worn on the head and has differoid noise-cancelling technology that provides excellent rejection of all ambient noise. The CK99L microphone uses a cardioid pattern so that all noise from the rear side is eliminated. These are just two of the AKG microphones that offer this much-needed technology.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

All microphones have an SPL number, which is essentially the highest decibel level the microphone can take without becoming distorted. You’ll want to look for a mic with a high SPL number because of this. The AKG P120 microphone has a maximum SPL of 150 decibels, while the C414 XLII microphone boasts a maximum level of 158 decibels. If your speakers or performers are particularly loud, this is one of the many features to research.


Microphones can be expensive, so you’ll want to look for one that is sturdy and built to last. Fortunately, all AKG microphones accommodate this need. They have all-metal bodies and finishes that are both shock- and scratch-resistant, which is perfect for those who need a good microphone to take on the road with them. Indeed, AKG microphones can take a lot of abuse and keep on going, which is just one of their many attributes.