AVer PTZ Cameras

AVer PTZ Cameras

We have the finest collection of AVer cameras and equipment for your church live streaming needs.

Things to Consider When Buying AVer PTZ Cameras

AVer’s commitment to excellence has enabled them to win numerous awards and much recognition since they were formed in 2008. Furthermore, the awards themselves have come from all over the world, so they are not just concentrated in one specific area or field. They are showing their desire to stand out among other companies that make top-notch AV equipment for classrooms, houses of worship, and corporations.

Nevertheless, even though all of their PTZ cameras are excellent, you’ll still need to know exactly what you want before shopping for the perfect one. Below are a few features you may want to look at before buying your camera.

What Else Does AVer Make?

AVer makes dozens of products that include everything from PTZ cameras to USB conferencing cameras and so much more. This is good because it means they are committed to making top-notch electronic equipment. Their products are broken down into the following categories:

  • Classroom technology products, including visualizers, distance learning cameras, interactive flat panel and control boxes, charge and sync carts, and wireless presentation systems
  • Video-conferencing products, including on-premise video-conferencing items, EIFP products, and USB video-conferencing products
  • Pro AV equipment, which includes wireless presentation systems and professional PTZ cameras, which include accessories and software add-ons



Price is a consideration for most people because let’s face it, almost everyone is on a budget. Because of this, it’s good to know that AVer makes PTZ cameras that range from $1,200 to around $3,000. Of course, none of their prices are unreasonable when you consider their quality, but it’s still good to know they make cameras in all price ranges. When you’re trying to be good to your wallet, this is important.


Most people want their PTZ cameras to have auto-tracking capability, which means they’ll automatically track the subject or object you’re trying to capture. The good part about this is that the camera does so automatically, so you can leave it alone and it will still work its magic. Auto-tracking is especially important when you have speakers or performers who walk back and forth across the stage as they speak or sing.

NDI or Not?

Some people want the network device interface (NDI) camera, which is royalty-free software developed by a company called NewTek. NDI cameras offer a high-definition way to livestream and record various events. If you’re specifically looking for one of these cameras, you need a company that offers them. Fortunately, AVer makes numerous NDI cameras, so you won’t have to look far to find what you need.

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