Portable PA Systems

Portable PA Systems

Church Technology Superstore has a wide selection of portable pa systems for your professional sound system needs at your church or event venue.

Things to Consider When Buying Portable PA Systems

PA systems are important to any broadcast, including those that take place in houses of worship. After all, these places get awfully fancy these days with their productions, so the right equipment is absolutely necessary. Finding these systems isn’t difficult if you know where to look, and if you need a portable PA system, it is just as easy. Just like any other equipment, however, you need to know what you’re looking for before you put down your hard-earned money to buy it, and this usually starts with determining which features you want your portable PA system to have.

If you’re not sure where to start, not to worry because below are a handful of the features you’ll need to consider when researching portable PA systems.


Since most houses of worship and small businesses have strict budgets, this is usually one of the first things to consider with portable PA systems. While the cost of the system shouldn’t be your number one consideration, you definitely have to consider it because it’s so important. Most portable PA systems range from under $300 to around $1,300 or more, and most organizations find just what they need with a price somewhere in between these two numbers.

Number of Channels

The number of channels in your portable PA system can vary from two channels to eight and sometimes more. The systems are portable, so they don’t always have much more than eight channels, but just like price, most people find they can be accommodated with the number of channels usually provided with most portable PA systems.

Inputs and Outputs

When you’re hooking up microphones and other electronic equipment, you have to make sure you have the input and output ports to support those things. Most portable PA systems have various inputs and outputs, which include ports for just about anything you want to hook up to them. But you have to review your needs first because the last thing you want is to buy a PA system that doesn’t accommodate those needs.

What Comes with the System?

Much like any other product, your portable PA system is usually packaged with everything you’ll need to start using it immediately. This usually includes the cables, a user manual, and sometimes even a microphone, but it’s good to read the details of the items you’re buying to make sure you aren’t buying a system that requires you to run out and purchase something else just so it can be set up properly.