Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

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Things to Consider When Buying Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Just like other electronic items, projectors have come a long way just in the past 10 years. If you need a projector for your sermons, classes, or meetings, a good ultra short throw projector might be for you. You need something that projects clear images onto the screen but which doesn’t cost a fortune, and believe it or not, it is very possible to get both. If you’ve never purchased a projector before, you may want to start by reviewing the features of these devices so you’ll know just what you’re looking for.

If you need some help, do not to worry because the following are some of the features you should consider before deciding which projector to buy.

Weight and Size

While this may sound like an odd feature, it’s actually pretty important, especially if you are going to be moving the projector from room to room – or from location to location – on a regular basis. The lighter the projector, the easier it is to maneuver it and bring it where it needs to go. Most descriptions of projectors give you their exact size and weight, so this feature should be very easy to compare.


Projectors have a lot of parts, and parts can break, which is why you need a good warranty on each one that you buy. Warranties for projectors are usually one to three years, but some are limited warranties and some are full. The best thing to do is check out the brand and model you’re interested in buying so that you get one with a warranty that can accommodate your needs. Naturally, longer warranties are better than shorter ones.

How Much Projection Is Possible

You’ll also want to check how far the projector can work without distorting the image. A lot of the higher-quality projectors can project up to 150 inches, which is roughly 12.5 feet. If your room setup requires the projector to be a long way from the screen, this feature becomes even more important. Fortunately, the number is easy to find with most projectors.


The fancier the projector, the more it will cost. You can’t change that. This being said, expect to pay prices that start at around $1,400 for a good ultra short throw projector. This isn’t a bad price, especially when you consider everything it can do for your presentations, but you can also shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Shopping around for the best prices is recommended for any electronic product you need.