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How to Control a PTZ Camera

How to Control a PTZ Camera

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There are different ways to control a PTZ camera, from using a joystick to using software or a web browser. Some PTZ cameras can be controlled with apps as well. One of the reasons why PTZ cameras are so popular is that they can be installed and they have motors inside that allow them to pan, tilt, and zoom. They can be set to auto detect and track motion or they can be controlled from a central location in different ways. Continue reading to learn how to control a PTZ camera.

How to Control Multiple PTZ Cameras

If you want to move your PTZ cameras at the same time, there are ways to do it by simply clicking a button. One of the ways that you can achieve this is by using video production software, such as OBS, Wirecast, vMix, Livestream Studio, or others. The nice thing about this software is that it has integrated controls so that you can connect to your PTZ cameras over your local area network from a PC or a Mac.

Another way that you can control multiple PTZ cameras is with a hardware joystick. You can connect the cameras to the joystick and then you can move them at the same time with the joystick. You need to connect the joystick and your cameras to the network, and you can set up commands for each of the cameras that you are controlling.

You can also connect multiple cameras to a PTZ controller. As long as the PTZ camera supports the protocol of the camera, they can be connected. It controls them through a serial port and each camera has its own hardware ID.

How to Connect Multiple PTZ Cameras to a Controller

Whether you are using PTZ cameras for church services, live streaming, video production, security, or any other applications, you can control multiple cameras with one device: a controller. A controller looks similar to a keyboard and can come with several different setups. Some use USB ports and either IR or serial control that you can use to connect it to the computer.

Others use a combination of serial control, Ethernet, and HDMI output, and still others use NDI support where you connect the controller and the cameras to an NDI network. When you want to connect multiple PTZ cameras to a controller, you have several different options.

Connecting to a Serial Controller

When you use this type of controller, you will plug a cable into the serial port on your camera, usually an RS485 port. This allows you to have communication between the controller or a switcher and the cameras. You can control the camera with buttons on the controller. The important thing is that the camera and the controller use the same protocol, including VISCA, IP, Pelco-P, and Pelco-D.

You can daisy chain the cameras or connect them separately. When you daisy chain them, you will run a cable from the controller to the first camera and then continue from camera to camera. This allows you to daisy chain the data and connect your cameras to the controller.

Connecting to an IP Controller

You can connect your cameras to a controller using IP as well. There are several ways to accomplish this. You can use a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch that you connect to your router. You also connect your NVR and the cameras communicate through the router. You can also use a PoE switch with two uplink ports if you want to connect additional cameras. The important thing to remember is that you need to check your manual because different manufacturers have different processes for connecting cameras to controllers.

Connecting to an NDI Controller

You will want to consult your manual for your camera and your controller, but there are some general steps that you will follow. You should download the NDI driver and your camera firmware. Make sure that you have connected them to the same local network and follow instructions for connecting them. You can open NDI Studio Monitor and choose the cameras to connect.

Final Words

You have different options for controlling your PTZ cameras, including using software, using joysticks, or using a controller. You can connect one camera or multiple cameras. There are general steps that are the same, but you will want to consult your user manual because different manufacturers have different recommendations.

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