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Things to Consider When Buying AIDA Imaging Cameras

AIDA Imaging makes PTZ cameras that are used by both small and large companies, including many houses of worship. One of the reasons houses of worship use them so frequently is because these facilities normally have volunteers or non-professional people operating their cameras, and they need cameras that are easy to learn and easy to operate.

AIDA’s PTZ cameras fit this need, mainly because of the plug-and-play feature that allows users to plug in the USB cable that comes with the camera and begin using it immediately. When it comes to other features, however, they are just as important, and some of those features include some of the following things discussed below.

Consider the Other Items AIDA Makes

AIDA Imaging makes several different electronic products, not just cameras, including:

  • POV cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • NDI cameras
  • Lenses and accessories
  • Camera controllers
  • Generators and converters

With AIDA, you can find everything you need to set up your camera properly and take advantage of all of its major features. They have accessories to mount the cameras to the wall and you also get everything you need to start using the camera immediately because everything you need to operate it is included in the package.

What Kinds of Cameras Does AIDA Imaging Make?

AIDA Imaging makes a lot of cameras for people to choose from, including a variety of pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and NDI cameras, as well as other electronic items. These include:

  • Full HD cameras, which includes PTZ cameras
  • 4K cameras
  • NDI cameras, which includes PTZ and HD cameras
  • 4K lenses
  • HD lenses
  • Sync generators
  • Converters
  • VISCA controllers
  • Accessories that include a wall mount so that your camera can be installed on the wall
  • Legacy, a super-advanced camera you can use for video conferencing, medical, worship, live production, and even security purposes


Almost every organization has a budget, but AIDA Imaging’s cameras have a wide price range and can accommodate everyone’s wallet. The PTZ cameras start at around $1,300 and go up to roughly $1,700, proving you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars just to get the PTZ camera that meets your needs.

The Right Zoom Number

When you buy a PTZ camera, it’ll come with an optical zoom and a digital zoom number, which tells you how much magnification you’ll get when zooming into different subjects and objects. Usually, zooms range from 12x to 30x, although some cameras may have higher or lower numbers than these. Regardless of what magnification you prefer, it should be very simple to find it.

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