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BirdDog Eyes PTZ Camera Review and Comparisons
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Things to Consider When Buying BirdDog Eyes Cameras

BirdDog makes video cameras for both small and large organizations, and their specialty is the network device interface (NDI) cameras, which seek to provide you with high-quality AV equipment that works with the devices you already have. NDI cameras allow various systems and devices to communicate over IP when they want to share audio, video, or data. But while NDI cameras are their specialty, they make other electronic items as well.

If you’re looking for a high-quality PTZ camera and you’ve chosen BirdDog to provide it to you, you’ve made a wise choice. Below are some of the features of their cameras that you might want to look at before choosing which camera to purchase.

What Else Does BirdDog Make?

It’s always good to choose a company that specializes in all electronics products and nothing else. If you’re curious about the products BirdDog makes, here is the breakdown:

  • Accessories that include camera mounts, cables, and more
  • AV products such as wall plates and SDM equipment
  • Cloud products, such as NDI remote delivery and management software
  • Converters, which include both a mini converter and a studio converter
  • Dante products, a series of AV-over-IP solutions for businesses big and small
  • PTZ cameras, which include camera controllers


What Type of HD Cameras Does BirdDog Make?

BirdDog makes the following types of HD cameras for houses of worship, corporations, and small businesses:

  • P100 PTZ camera. This is a perfect camera to start out with if you’re new to the world of NDI cameras.
  • P200 PTZ camera. This one is a little more advanced than the P100 but is still easy to learn and easy to use.
  • A200 PTZ camera. This one offers 12x digital zoom and 30x optical zoom.
  • A300 PTZ camera. This one has an IP67 rating and is therefore great for all sorts of outdoor jobs.
  • P400 PTZ camera. If you need 4K NDI capability, this is the camera for you.
  • P4K PTZ camera. This one offers NDI capability plus a Sony one-inch sensor for top-notch quality.


Auto-Tracking Function

If you’re a house of worship, the auto-tracking function can be a big help because it allows the camera to track those preachers and rabbis who like to walk around the stage as they preach. In these days of the pandemic, more people than ever before are attending sermons virtually, so you might as well give them the full experience so they can make the most out of it.


Unfortunately, the price has to be considered an important factor because most people are on a budget. BirdDog’s PTZ cameras range from $1,600 to $8,000, so you can certainly find a great camera that is within your price range with very little effort on your part.

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