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Things to Consider When Buying PTZOptics Cameras

PTZOptics was started by a group of engineers who wanted to create a “Swiss army knife” for broadcasters; in other words, a product that could meet all of these companies’ needs. They are the sister company to HuddleCamHD, which is a company that makes and sells professional video-conferencing cameras, and their main goal was to produce cameras that can accommodate the needs of companies of all sizes and types.

Still, to get the right PTZ camera for your needs, you’ll need to know a little bit about them first, and below are some features you should look at before deciding which camera to purchase.

Other Products the Company Makes

Companies that stick to the same category of products usually have the best products. After all, you don’t want an electronics company that also makes non-electronic items. PTZOptics’ products are broken down into four main categories, and they all relate to the livestreaming and recording business:

  • These include both camera cables and wireless cables for numerous purposes.
  • These include SDI, USB, NDI, ZCam, and EPTZ cameras, as well as top-notch webcams.
  • The three main products under this category are the IP Joystick G3, Serial Joystick G3, and the SuperJoy joystick.
  • Their four main mounts include wall mounts, ceiling mounts, pole mounts, and outdoor enclosures.

What Kinds of PTZ Cameras Do They Make?

PTZOptics makes all sorts of cameras that come with a variety of features, including Serial Digital Interface (SDI) cameras with 12x, 20x, and 30x zoom lenses; NDI cameras that can support Power, Video/Audio, and Control, all over a simple Ethernet cable; and even quality USB webcams that offer up to 8K digital zoom and come with features that ensure the quality of your videos will always be top-notch.

Ease of Learning

Houses of worship often use volunteers to operate their cameras, which means their technology experience might be limited. PTZOptics cameras are easy to set up and easy to learn, and this is what you want whether you’re a house of worship, a small business, or a large corporation. With the plug-and-play feature offered with these cameras, you can hook yours up to the computer in no time and feel just like a pro!


When it comes to the price of your PTZOptics camera, the good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to get one that is high in quality. In fact, PTZOptics cameras start at around $1,000. Although you can spend a lot more than that if you want to, you certainly don’t need to spend that much just to get a great camera.

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