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Church Technology Superstore has a wide selection of audio interfaces for your professional sound system and live streaming needs at your church or event venue.

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Things to Consider When Buying Audio Interfaces

Whether you’re in the studio or on the stage, the right audio interface helps you get sound recordings from start to finish. These devices look complicated with all of their ports and buttons, but once you learn how to use them, you’ll realize how easy they are. Nonetheless, when you’re shopping around for an audio interface, it’s good to go into it knowing what you’re looking for because this increases the odds that you’ll get one that can accommodate your needs in the end.

Some of the many features found in these audio interfaces are discussed below.

Compatibility with Your Computer

While more and more electronic devices are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, there are some that still aren’t compatible with Mac products. If you have a Mac computer, it’s essential that you check to make sure the audio interface you’re interested in is compatible with it. All interfaces are compatible with Windows operating systems, but not all of them are compatible with Macs.

Inputs and Outputs

The number of inputs and outputs is important because the last thing you want is to buy an interface that can’t accommodate everything you want to plug into it after you get it back to the studio. Eight inputs and outputs is a great number because you’ll have room to accommodate microphones, headphones, and instruments. It should be easy to figure out the number you need, and it’s an important factor to look for when you’re doing your research.

Ease of Use

Many interfaces these days come with a plug-and-play feature that allows you to simply plug it in via a USB port. This makes setup both fast and simple, which means even people who are not tech-savvy can handle the task. You shouldn’t have to be a tech genius just to set up your recording equipment, and fortunately, most of these devices are easy to set up and easy to learn.


Unfortunately, the cost of the interface is always a consideration, since few of us can afford just to go out and buy anything we desire. The good news is that most audio interfaces are reasonably priced, usually ranging from around $130 to around $1,500. While most organizations end up spending an amount that is somewhere in the middle, it’s still good to know that you have a large range to choose from so that you can easily find an interface that is perfect for your needs.

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