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Our store carries a wide selection of 4k PTZ cameras from Lumens, BirdDog, Panasonic and more!

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What Are 4k PTZ Cameras?

PTZ cameras are used for broadcasting video productions like church services. 4k resolution is the highest quality resolution that has been commercially introduced thus far in the market of contemporary video productions.

The 4k PTZ camera is the perfect choice when it comes to delivering high-quality images for video productions. A 4k resolution enables users to zoom in without compromising quality, provide crystal-clear wide shots, and capture minute details in their subjects’ faces even if they are standing several feet away from the camera. With these qualities in mind, these cameras are just right for delivering high-quality footage that will be broadcasted or streamed online.

These cameras produce images that are four times clearer than HD resolution cameras. To illustrate it better, imagine watching a TV show through a 4k camera instead of your regular television set. You can see every detail of the set and the background – from the fit of a person’s clothes to the wrinkles on his face. If you want high-quality images, it is best to go for 4k cameras.