Aida GEN3G-200 Compact HD Broadcast Camera
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Aida GEN3G-200 Compact HD Broadcast Camera


Do you need a camera for your church or synagogue?

The AIDA GEN3G-200 Compact HD Broadcast Camera is the perfect choice. It’s so versatile, it can be used for a whole bunch of events and not worry about the quality of video or how professional it will look.

With this camera, you get all of the features that you need to get great recordings every time even if you’re not an advanced techie.

This camera is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to use in any setting without getting in anyone’s way. It also has a built-in lens cover which protects against dust and scratches as well as accidental bumps when carrying around on set.

You won’t have to worry about anything happening with this high-quality device!

Take your video to the next level with the Aida GEN3G-200 today!

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The Aida GEN3G-200

Some of the most popular features for thie Aida GEN3G-200 include:Aida GEN3G-200 Compact HD Broadcast Camera

  • The camera will be able to take pictures in low light.
  • It is a lightweight, compact design that can easily fit anywhere.
  • You are getting an easy-to-use camera with many features and abilities.
  • This camera will work well for you no matter where you go or what type of environment it is in.
  • 13-inch progressive CMOS video image sensor
  • Compact, lightweight camera that is easy to bring from one location to another
  • Compatible with many other electronic products now on the market
  • The ability to install it on a tripod or attach it to a wall or ceiling
  • Very rugged, sturdy design

If your church or synagogue needs a good all-purpose camera that you can use to videotape a number of events, including sermons and conferences, this is a great camera to choose.

It is so versatile, so you can use it for a whole bunch of events and not worry about the quality of the video or even how professional it’s going to look. With the AIDA GEN3G-200 full HD Genlock video camera, you get all of the features you need to get great recordings every time even if you’re not a super-advanced techie.

Indeed, this is a very reliable camera that sells for around $755, so it won’t break your budget to purchase it. It’s a great go-to camera that accommodates a variety of events, and you get the great color transition from digital to analog, thanks to its Black Level setup.

Speaking of setting up the camera, it is a breeze for everyone regardless of their level of experience. In fact, since it comes with everything you need to begin using it as soon as you take it out of the package, you can easily be utilizing the camera in no time.

When you are shopping around for the ultimate video camera, you’ll want one that is user-friendly and that gives you the great results you need and deserve. Most houses of worship now have sophisticated needs, in part because of the many types of productions they choose to film.

With the Aida GEN3G-200 full HD camera, you’ll get what you need to produce great results every time, and even someone who isn’t a tech genius will be able to operate it.

It is built to last for a very long time and can be up and running in a matter of minutes, not hours, and even though it has a lot of impressive stats and numbers associated with it, here is all you need to know about it: the Aida GEN3G-200 full HD video camera is a camera that allows you to record all of your events and get top-notch images and sound that will make other people think you paid thousands of dollars to get them done by the pros.

Aida GEN3G-200 Compact HD Broadcast CameraFeatures.

  • Full HD Progressive Scan sensor captures the sharp and vivid colors under different light conditions.
  • Advanced digital imaging processor provides vivid and detailed images by utilizing WDR White Balance and Noise Reduction.
  • Motion Compensated temporal noise reduction filter leads to effective noise reduction for motion video without blur.
  • Tri-level sync Genlock synchronizes GEN3 cameras and other system components for seamless vertical interval switching between sources. 3GHDSDI HDMI seamless video performance.
  • Compatible with other industry-leading products conforming with SMPTE 424M 292M standard.
  • Self Adaptive Resolution Feature captures your reference feed instantly.
  • Black Level Setup provides a better color transition from digital to analog.
  • Auto White balance and shutter speed provide optimized performance in a variety of situations.
  • Interchangeable lens design making it compatible with auto iris CS and C mount lenses.
  • Flawlessly relays embedded audio via SDI HDMI. Built-in OSD controls for sizable image settings.
  • Versatile compact and rugged design.
  • Image Sensor 13 inch Progressive CMOS.
  • Sensor Size 5346mm x 3003mm 169.
  • Resolution 1080p 1080i 1920 x 1080 720p 720i 1280 x 720.
  • Resolution Rate 1080 60p5994p50p30p2997p 25p 1080 60i5994i50i 720 60p5994p50p30p25p.
  • Output HDSDI3GSDI 1 BNC HDMI 13a.
  • Color Space 422 YCbCr 10bit.
  • M in Illumination 02Lux Day 01Lux Night 0005Lux Slow Shutter ON.

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