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AIDA UHD-200 4K 60p POV Camera
AIDA UHD-200 4K 60p POV Camera
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AIDA UHD-200 4K 60p POV Camera



You deserve the best video camera for your house of worship.

The AIDA UHD-200 4K 60p POV Camera is a high quality but reasonably priced camera that will suit any size or budget. It captures crisp and clear images, even when lighting isn’t ideal. Noise reduction ensures videos come out just right every time.

The 1/1.7″ progressive scan CMOS sensor gives you an experience unlike anything else on the market today with its ability to capture images in stunning detail and clarity while still maintaining a low profile design that won’t take up too much space in your church.

And it’s not just about capturing beautiful imagery either – this camera has all the features you need to get started making professional looking videos like auto focus, manual exposure control, and more!

Get this amazing video camera for your church today!

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The AIDA UHD-200

AIDA UHD-200 4K 60p POV CameraFeatures:

  • 4K 1/1.7 Progressive Scan CMOS sensor capable of 4K (4096 x 2160) captures sharp and vivid images even under very low light conditions
  • Power by a back-illuminated pixel technology
  • Advanced digital imaging processor provides vivid and detailed images by utilizing Dynamic Range, Auto White Balance, and Noise Reduction
  • Superb motion-compensated temporal noise reduction filter for motion video without blurring
  • OSD control breakout cable with two audio inputs and RS-485 for remote communication

AIDA UHD-200 4K 60p POV CameraDetails:

When it comes to video cameras for your house of worship, you deserve to get the very best without paying a fortune for it. AIDA makes high-quality but reasonably priced cameras that will suit the needs of any house of worship regardless of its size or its budget, and the AIDA UHD-200 4K camera is definitely one of their best.

It captures images that are crisp and clear every time, even when the lighting isn’t all that great, and you get noise reduction as well so that your videos come out just right every time.

Thanks to its 1/1.7” progressive scan CMOS sensor, you can experience images that look as if they were captured by a professional. You also get more advanced features than many other cameras, which include not only the noise-reduction feature but also dynamic range and auto white balance.

In other words, you get many fancy and high-tech features with the AIDA UHD-200 camera that are normally found only on very expensive video cameras.

However, with the AIDA UHD-200, you’ll only pay around $945, which is affordable for nearly everyone. The 4K ability alone is worth the money you’ll spend, yet you’ll get so much more when you choose this camera.

And if you’re not an expert and you’re worried about the images coming out blurry because you aren’t that great at keeping the camera steady, do not worry because the AIDA UHD-200 even has features to make sure that doesn’t happen. You can install the camera either on the wall or the ceiling, and it comes with everything you need to make those installations immediately.

Even better, the camera is as easy to install as it is to operate, and if you decide to buy a tripod, you can operate it that way if you want something less permanent.

The AIDA UHD-200 video camera is lightweight and portable, not to mention able to be personalized, which means that once you make the right adjustments, you’ll have the perfect camera to meet all of your video conferencing needs. Great for getting hard-to-reach angles and spots, the camera offers tons of customizable exposure settings, video resolutions, and an interchangeable lens that guarantees that each shot will be perfect.

Perfect for churches and synagogues of all sizes, this camera is a true 4K 60p POV camera that is convenient not just for video conferencing, but also for action sports, conferences and retreats, and so much more. And because of the price, you can purchase this camera without breaking the bank, which is important to all houses of worship.

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