AKG C3000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
AKG C3000 Large Diaphragm Microphone
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AKG C3000 Large Diaphragm Microphone


Do you want to sound like a pro?

The AKG C3000 is the perfect microphone for any house of worship. It’s compact and portable, so it can easily be used on-site or off-site. This amazing mic will make your voice sound professional and clear with its high quality audio reproduction.

You won’t have to worry about feedback or distortion when using this microphone because it has an excellent frequency response range that makes sure every word is heard clearly.

Get this incredible microphone today! With its low price, you’ll be able to afford one for each member of your worship team who wants to use it during services.

Plus, at only 11 ounces, you can take it anywhere without worrying about how heavy or cumbersome it might feel in your hands.

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The AKG C3000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


Features Of This Microphone

  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE FOR MORE THAN 15 YEARS: The standard for live applications and studio recording
  • ULTRALOW-NOISE ELECTRONICS AND SWITCHABLE ATTENUATION PAD: Enable high dynamic range and allow SPL up to 150dB
  • SWITCHABLE LOW_CUT FILTER: Eliminates proximity effect
  • CLASSIC SOUND MAD AFFORDABLE: Gold-sputtered one-inch main capsule tuned in the tradition of AKG’s sonic expertise
  • HEAVY-DUTY DIE-CAST METAL HOUSING: Provides maximum protection on stage and in the studio with the AKG C3000
  • Switchable low cut filter (500Hz, 6 dB/octave) eliminates proximity effect
  • Internal windscreen protects from wind and breath generated “pops”
  • Well designed circuitry provides high SPL capability and low distortion
  • Switchable attenuation pad enables for high SPL up to 150 dB
  • Proven for more than 15 years and affordably priced, the AKG C3000 is an excellent choice for every high-quality recording or demanding


Details About This Condenser Microphone By AKG:

Priced at around $250, the C3000 is perfect for everything from live performances to studio recordings, both of which are utilized these days by houses of worship of all sizes and types.

For nearly two decades, this amazing microphone has wowed its customers with both its efficiency and its price, and at this price, any organization can afford it. The microphone is compact and portable, being only around 6” x 2” x .75” in size. It also weighs a mere 11 ounces, so you can easily understand why it is so easy to use in various situations both on- and off-site.

The C3000 microphone has features that include the following:

  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • The audio frequency bandwidth of 20 to 20,000Hz
  • A maximum SPL of 150 decibels
  • A sensitivity of 20 mV/Pa
  • A bass-cut filter of 500 Hz, 6dB/octave
  • Electrical impedance of <200 Ohms
  • Uses phantom power for a clearer signal

The C3000 also comes with everything that you need to begin using it right away, including an H85 universal shock mount, which means that it won’t take you hours to start enjoying your new microphone; it’ll only take a few minutes.

With a sleek-looking design and neutral black color, this good mic has the clarity and reliability you need and the eye-catching appeal you prefer, and you get it all for around $250.

With a heavy-duty die-cast metal housing, the AKG C3000 is well protected and well built, so even though being careful with it is always recommended, you can put it through a lot and it’ll keep on ticking.

You get a high SPL capacity and a low distortion rate, and the switchable low-cut filter will eliminate the proximity effect every time.

There is even an internal windscreen that protects the microphone from things such as the wind and even breath-generated “pops.” To be sure, this is a high-quality microphone that delivers what it promises, so it’s a purchase you won’t regret.

Whether you are recording instrumentalists, vocalists, or even speakers and presenters, this is the mic for you. It has been redesigned recently to provide you with an effective, rugged microphone that produces the same results as microphones that are much more expensive. The classy finish is one of the many things you’ll appreciate about it.

Today’s houses of worship often need high-tech equipment for sermons, live productions, miking acoustic guitars, and many other events, but if you are also on a budget, you should consider this mic because it does what it says it will do and doesn’t cost a fortune.


Frequently Asked Questions About The AKG C3000

What does this mic sound like?

The AKG C3000 has a transparent sound and provides a slightly forward midrange. It is therefore well suited for close-miking of vocals and instruments such as congas, bongos and other drums. Its large diaphragm allows it to capture very low frequencies, especially if you use the -10dB input pad switch with the AKG C 3000.

What is the frequency response of the AKG C 3000?

The AKG C 3000 has a wide cardioid polar pattern and features a flat frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The large dynamic range assures an excellent signal-to-noise ratio without apparent noise level or self-noise. Also, its high output voltage ensures a low signal-to-noise ratio. If necessary, the microphone may be used for high sound pressure levels because of its increased SPL capability.

What is the polar pattern of the AKG C 3000?

The AKG C 3000 has a cardioid directional characteristic that minimizes noise and other unwanted signals entering from the side of the microphone. This minimizes the effect of ambient noise and makes sound sources such as speech or an instrument appear more detailed. The complete absence of unwanted side signals is particularly noticeable for vocalists and for miking drums, guitar amps, acoustic guitars, and other instruments.

Is the AKG C 3000 a good choice for recording vocals?

Yes, the AKG C 3000 is good for recording vocals because of its transparent, slightly forward sound. It captures very low frequencies, especially with the -10dB input pad switch (C 3000 only).

What is the AKG C 3000’s SPL capability?

Max. SPL: 140/150 dB (THD = 0.5%) The maximum SPL capability allows it to handle high signal levels where distortion-free reproduction is required. This microphone can be used for recording extremely loud sound sources such as drums and guitar amps.

Is the AKG C 3000 a large microphone?

The dimensions of the AKG C 3000 are Diameter 2.08″, Length 6.37″ mm, and net weight 11.28 oz. It is larger than comparable microphones because it features a 1-inch (25-mm) diaphragm and a large housing. The larger size provides increased low-frequency sensitivity and exceptional sound quality for recording highly dynamic sources such as vocals, drums, guitar amps, or loud sound effects.

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