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AVER INFORMATION Document Camera – VISM1713M
AVER INFORMATION Document Camera – VISM1713M
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AVER INFORMATION Document Camera – VISM1713M



Do you want to create the perfect learning environment for your students?

The AVer Information document camera is a high-tech device that does more than most people realize. Unlike old-fashioned projectors, it’s compact and has quick navigation buttons so you can present clear images to your audience in an easy way. It’s also very affordable!

You will be able to use this document camera with any computer or projector, making it ideal for presentations of all sizes. And because it connects via HDMI and VGA, there are no additional cables needed! This means you can easily set up the perfect learning environment without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for?

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The AVER INFORMATION Document Camera – VISM1713M

Features:AVER INFORMATION Document Camera – VISM1713M

  • A more interactive way to teach.
  • Reduced cost of overhead for your school
  • Your students will be engaged and excited about learning.
  • Create the perfect learning environment.
  • Capture your audience’s attention.
  • Improve student engagement with your lessons.
  • Become a more effective presenter in front of audiences.


The AVer Information document camera costs around $497 and works via HDMI and VGA, which allows you to create the perfect learning environment. While many people associate document cameras with regular projectors, they actually do so much more than this. Unlike the old-fashioned projectors of yesterday, however, the ones made by companies such as AVer Information are high-tech devices that do more than most people realize. The VISM1713M document camera is very compact and has quick navigation buttons, allowing you to present clear images to your audience in a way that is easy for you to maneuver.

This document camera is lightweight at just over six pounds and is a perfect size, big enough to accommodate most documents but sized just right so that you can work with it for long periods of time and not be inconvenienced. For houses of worship, the camera is perfect because it will fit nicely into classrooms or even the main meeting hall without taking up too much room. You can stream in real-time and capture tons of materials from sources such as textbooks, science experiments, and even 3D objects to educate and thrill all types of audiences. Even in a regular sermon, the camera will work well if you should need to share certain information with the congregation.

One of the best features of the VISM1713M document camera is the fact that it is collapsible and therefore easy to store away when it’s not being used. When you’re using the camera, you can use on-screen annotation, adjust real-time images, and take advantage of one-touch recording to make the most out of your teaching experience. The portability and compactness of the camera are one of the things that users appreciate most, and it’s so affordable that you can purchase more than one if they’re needed in numerous classrooms.

If you’re researching document cameras for your house of worship and you want to get a high-quality camera without spending a fortune, this is definitely one to consider. It is lightweight and compact; most importantly, it produces crystal-clear images that make any learning experience a lot less challenging and even more fun. For houses of worship, it’s the perfect solution because it does a great job and is also kind to your wallet. Best of all, every student or audience member will be able to see what you’re presenting to them. If you’re not tech-savvy, do not worry because this is one document camera that is super easy to learn for everyone.

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