Crown CDi 1000 Power Amplifier
Crown CDi 1000 Power Amplifier
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Crown CDi 1000 Power Amplifier


Do you want to be able to produce professional-quality sound in your house of worship?

Crown CDi power amplifiers are designed for the needs of churches, schools, and other houses of worship. They provide powerful, clear sound that will impress everyone in the audience. It is simple to set up and simple to learn so you can get results like the pros in no time at all.

You don’t have a lot of space or money but still need an amplifier with high quality sound? The Crown CDi 1000 power amplifier has everything you need!

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The Crown CDi 1000:


  • Switch-mode universal power supply
  • Intuitive front-panel LCD screen so that configuration is fast and simple
  • Up to 20 user-defined presets to personalize your experience
  • Onboard digital signal processing that includes EQ filters, delay, crossovers, and output limiting
  • Ideal for churches, schools, and other public spaces.
  • 500 watts per channel.
  • Amplify your message with crystal clear sound.
  • Build a community of faith together.
  • Easily set up and learn how to use this amplifier.
  • Capture the attention of every person in the audience with great sound quality


If your house of worship is used to video-streaming sermons, classes, and live productions, you already know how important an amplifier is. Amps come in all sizes and designs, and the Crown CDi power amplifier has everything you need to bring it all together and end up with professional results every time. After all, the electronic equipment you need has to work together to produce great results, and this 500-watt power amplifier allows for powerful, clear sound that will impress everyone in the audience. It is simple to set up and simple to learn, so you can get results like the pros in no time.

With this amplifier, you also get excellent versatility, including its rating for 2-, 4-, and 8-ohm loads, and both 70- and 140-volt outputs. What does all of this mean in practical terms? It means that you get great sound and ease of use whether you’re managing a sermon, concert, board meeting, retreat, or anything else related to your house of worship.

All of the amps in the CDi series are professional amps that are easy to use but sound like the pros are managing them. They are made to be both high quality and affordable, with this one costing around $1,000 per amplifier. There are four models altogether, and all of them work great, sound great, and offer second-to-none capability because they are so easy to maneuver. In addition to all of this, these are lightweight amps that are portable and easy to transport from one location to another when you need to.

When you’re on a budget but you need some good amplifiers, these are some to consider because they are both affordable and very professional-sounding. You can check their stats and numbers all day long, but all you really have to remember is that this is one amp that you won’t regret purchasing. It is made by a company with an excellent reputation that even offers a good warranty so that you can buy it with additional confidence. Regardless of the size of your church or synagogue, you’ll want to carry high-tech equipment so that all of your productions come out great, and this amp is a great place to start.


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