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EV ZLX-15 Passive Loudspeaker
EV ZLX-15 Passive Loudspeaker

EV ZLX-15 Passive Loudspeaker


Looking for a new PA speaker?

The ZLX-15 is the perfect passive speaker for those who want to get their hands on something that will last them years. They’ve been around since 1968 and have never compromised on sound quality or power. Their speakers are made with high-quality components and they use custom drivers in all of their products, which means you can be sure your music will always sound incredible.

You won’t find another company like EV out there–they’re one of a kind! And now they’ve brought down the cost of their speakers so more people can enjoy what they offer without breaking the bank. It’s time to start living life loud with an EV loudspeaker by your side!

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  • You’ll have a louder, fuller sound.
  • Your speakers will last longer with less distortion.
  • Hear your favorite songs in the clearest way possible.
  • Enjoy concerts more than ever before because you can hear all the instruments clearly
  • 15-Inch Woofer for extended low-frequency response and 1.5-Inch high-frequency titanium compression driver
  • 44 Hz 20 kHz frequency range
  • 250 W continuous and 1000 W peak power handling
  • 96 dB SPL sensitivity; 126 dB max SPL


With the ZLX-15 speakers, EV comes through with an affordable passive speaker that will serve your needs. At 15 inches tall and 11 pounds in weight, the ZLX-15 is perfect for more extensive applications (without a sub). The speakers feature custom drivers housed in a breakthrough new cabinet design to deliver on exceptional sound quality without compromising high levels of power or sonic accuracy.

Long story short: their standard in sound and craftsmanship is unmatched–and now it’s more accessible than ever before!


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Weight45.6 lbs

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