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Mackie 3204VLZ4 Audio Mixer
Mackie 3204VLZ4 Audio Mixer

Mackie 3204VLZ4 Audio Mixer


If you’re looking for a new mixer, look no further.

The Mackie 3204VLZ4 Audio Mixer is the perfect solution for live broadcast applications or any other time you need to mix more than 16 channels of audio. With 28 mic preamps and 32 channels, it’s easy to get your sound just right with this mixer. And with improved RF rejection, the 3204VLZ4 will help eliminate noise from nearby transmitters so your signal comes through loud and clear. You won’t find another mixer like it on the market today!

It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience that can make all the difference in how well your service goes over with listeners. Rest easy knowing that they’ve got your back when it comes to getting good quality sound every single time.

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 The Mackie 3204VLZ4:


  • Mixes up to 32 channels at once.
  • High headroom/low noise design for clear sound quality.
  • Make your live broadcast sound like a studio recording.
  • Get the best sound possible for your recordings.
  • Mix audio with ease and precision.
  • Become a better mixer than you’ve ever been before.
  • Have complete control over your mix to make it perfect
  • 32-channel 4-bus mixer featuring Mackie signature high-headroom/low-noise design
  • 28 boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps
  • Improved RF rejection perfect for broadcast applications
  • Phantom power for condenser mics
  • Dedicated inline channel compression for critical inputs (Ch. 25-28)


The Mackie 3204VLZ4 has 32 channels and 28 channels with Onyx mic preamps. It also features improved RF rejection perfect for broadcast applications, phantom power for condenser mics, and dedicated inline channel compression for critical inputs perfect if you’re using it live.

The Mackie 3204VLZ4 Audio Mixer helps you squeeze more sound onto your live broadcast channels with its 32-channel mixer and improved RF rejection to remove noise from other nearby transmitters.

And it has a whopping 28 mic preamps with warm, rich tone perfect for capturing instruments or vocals—all without distortion. It also includes Ch 25-28 w/dedicated inline channel compression so that you can dial in those highs expertly on your most important inputs without calling over an engineer after every gig to bump up the faders again!

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