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Mackie DLM8 Powered Loudspeaker
Mackie DLM8 Powered Loudspeaker
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Mackie DLM8 Powered Loudspeaker


The PA system speaker is an integral part of any audio setup. It’s the last thing you need to make your sound perfect!

The Mackie DLM8 is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to be heard. It’s got 2000 watts of power and it’s 1/3 smaller than most 2-way speakers. Plus, it has built-in DSP that makes feedback suppression, voice alignment delay, and more easy as pie. You won’t find another speaker like this on the market today.

Get your hands on one of these bad boys and experience the Mackie difference!

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The Mackie DLM8

The Mackie DLM series is innovative, no-compromise loudspeakers with stunning TruSource fidelity, intuitive digital mixing/processing and 2000 watts of class leading power in the most compact design ever; all at a price point which makes them accessible for everyone who wants to do more with their PA system.”


  • With its 2000 watts delivered via ultra-efficient Class-D amplification, the Mackie DLM series represents the new shape of sound.
  • Stack them up to create a wall of sound.
  • You’ll be able to fill any venue with quality sound.
  • Mackie DLM series is the most innovative, no-compromise, powered loudspeaker on the market.
  • Experience TruSource fidelity and 2000 watts of power at your fingertips in one compact design.
  • 2-way, 2,000-watt powered speaker that is 1/3 smaller than most 2-way speakers
  • 8″ LF woofer, 1.75″ HF compression driver
  • Built-in DSP for feedback suppression, speaker voicing, alignment delay, and more


The DLM8 is the perfect solution for anyone looking to pack a big punch in a small space. With 2,000 watts of high-end Class D amplification and an 8″ LF woofer combined with 1.75″ HF driver, this medium power powered speaker will deliver professional quality sound that you can take anywhere–all without breaking your back during installation! Plus, with their built-in digital processing tools like feedback suppression and time alignment delay, installation has never been easier!.

The DLM8 is Mackie’s lowest-priced speaker in the DLM series which means you get to experience Class-D power and TruSource fidelity for a budget friendly price.

The 8″ LF woofer will have you feeling every hit of your favorite song and with its 1.75″ HF compression driver, there are clear highs that will make singing along unmissable.

Stacks nicely on top of where it should so take these speakers whenever and wherever they’re needed without worrying about storage space, thanks to their size being less than other 2-ways! Hear what JBL can’t offer at the same low price; grab yourself one or more Mackie DLMs today!.

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