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Mackie EleMent EM-USB Condenser Microphone
Mackie EleMent EM-USB Condenser Microphone
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Mackie EleMent EM-USB Condenser Microphone



You’re looking for a microphone.

The Mackie EleMent EM-USB Condenser Microphone is the perfect solution for you! It has an onboard USB recording interface, which makes it easy to record your voice and audio directly into your computer.

Plus, it’s built with a headphone output that includes volume control and mute button. With its included tripod stand, this mic can be set up in any room of your house or office so you can capture high-quality sound from anywhere in the room.

This microphone will make all of your recordings sound great! And with its affordable price tag, there’s no reason not to buy one today!

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The Mackie EM-USB


  • Record and stream your voice with ease.
  • Produce high quality sound on a budget.
  • Share your message to the world.
  • Be heard by more people than ever before.
  • Onboard USB recording interface
  • Perfect for home studios, content creation, and live streaming
  • Headphone output with mute and volume control
  • Built-in gain control
  • Included tripod stand


The Mackie EleMent EM-USB USB Condenser microphone is perfect for your home studio, content creation, and live streaming. Compatible with PC and Mac operating systems, this professional quality condenser mic gives you an unparalleled audio experience that rivals many of the world’s top microphones at a fraction of the price. Journey behind the scenes as we explore how the EM-USB can take you from big dreams to booming success!

With the Mackie EM-USB Condenser Microphone, you don’t have to be a professional audio engineer or musician to sound like one. The EM-USB condenser microphone delivers professionally crisp audio reproduction and ergonomic functionality so that you can take your broadcast content creation up a notch without breaking the bank. Now buy this mic and feel like an industry pro with it even though you’re just starting out!

The Mackie EleMent Series EM-USB USB Condenser sets the standard in affordable microphones for home recording enthusiasts, podcasts, online content creators, and anyone looking to produce higher quality playback at lower cost. It’s easy setup and super high quality make it perfect for anyone making home studio recordings or live

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