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Mackie SRM-Flex Portable PA System
Mackie SRM-Flex Portable PA System

Mackie SRM-Flex Portable PA System


Do you want to be seen as a professional?

The Mackie SRM-Flex is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to sound great, without breaking the bank. It’s lightweight and easy to set up, so it can go anywhere with you. And because it has an intuitive mixer design, you won’t have any trouble getting your desired sound. You’ll be able to make adjustments on the fly or wirelessly from your phone – making this PA system perfect for professionals of all types.

Whether you need a small PA system for rehearsals or a large one that can fill an auditorium with clear sound, we have what you need at Mackie! With 1300 watts of power and 10 inch subwoofer, our SRM-Flex will give you crystal-clear sound in any setting – no matter how big or small! Plus its compact size makes it easy to transport wherever your next gig is.

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The Mackie SRM-Flex

  • You’ll have the sound you need for any event.
  • The Mackie SRM-Flex is lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to transport.
  • Get a phenomenal performance every time.
  • Be confident that no matter what happens, your presentation will go off without a hitch.
  • Lightweight all-in-one design and included carry bags offer everything you need for your Gig. Fits just about anywhere and disappears in any room. The rugged design is built to Last. Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) with power factor correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power
  • 1300W of power delivers maximum headroom and top performance with ultra-wide coverage. 6-Driver wide-dispersion array and 10” subwoofer provide crystal-clear, room-filling sound. Adjustable height directs the sound at ear level for optimal coverage and clarity
  • Pair your smartphone and get wireless control over everything from channel levels to EQ, system presets, and more. Mount your phone to your mic stand for on-the-fly adjustments or have a dedicated engineer mix You from the audience. Compatible with iOS (6 or later) and Android (11 or later) devices
  • Need to play some break music or a backing track? No need to worry about the cable. Stream music straight from your phone or any Bluetooth enabled device
  • The built-in 6-channel digital mixer has inputs for mics, instruments, and media players. Professional XLR out allows for connection to an additional SRM-Flex or front-of-house mixer
  • 2-Band EQ on channels 1 and 2 allow you to easily adjust the tone of your mic, guitar, keyboard, or anything else you plug in to get the sound just right. Application voicing modes tailor the system to your application and venue. Choose between music, speech, and live
  • Put the finishing touch on your sound with a choice of not just 1, but 3 great-sounding reverbs
  • With tactile knobs for every critical function and adjustment, you can get to what you need without the hassle of navigating menus on a small screen


Ease of use, quality sound each time, and long-lasting power.

With the SRM-Flex you’ll be able to focus on your musical performance rather than juggling cables in crowded club or venue. Features like 10″ subwoofer and 1300W peak (900W continuous) ensure great lows for kick drums, basslines, vocals; while crisp tweeters handle instrumentals without distortion at high volumes. And with a weight under 46 pounds total there isn’t any other PA this easy to carry! You can set up in seconds and put away just as quickly leaving you more time onstage during your performance instead of onstage setting up and afterwards breaking down your gear.

The Mackie SRM-Flex is the perfect solution for today’s events with a one of a kind portable PA system design. With an incredible 1300 watts, this wide-dispersion array ensures crystal clear sound just about anywhere. The built in 6 channel digital mixer makes it easy to dial your optimal sound and get total control over levels, EQ, reverb-anything you need to be heard with ease.

Just imagine…

It’s your moment. You’re onstage with a slick, cutting-edge sound system that will broadcast the power of your performance to the entire crowd. And we have just the gear for the job! The 40″ long SRM-Flex column with 1300W of power and an audience both big or small will fall under its influence without fail. Each impulse travels through our 6-driver wide dispersion array delivering pure sonic bliss. Add in a 10″ subwoofer to complete Mackie sound quality worthy (if you ask us) of such occasions and you’ve got this thing called ‘success.’

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