Magewell USB Capture SDI
Magewell USB Capture SDI

Magewell USB Capture SDI


Looking for a way to get your SDI signal into your computer?

The Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 is the perfect solution. It’s small and compact, so it won’t take up any space on your desk or in your bag. And because it doesn’t require any drivers, you can use it with various software applications on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and more! You’ll be able to record or stream an SDI signal with ease.

With this device you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues again. It works by plug-and-play connection – no need for additional drivers! Plus this version supports input/output resolutions up to 2048 x 1080p60 (1080i), making it perfect for capturing high quality video from cameras like the Sony FS7 II or Canon C300 Mark II without sacrificing performance of other devices connected at the same time.

Order today and start recording beautiful footage right away!

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The Magewell USB Capture SDI


  • Capture SDI video signals on your computer.
  • No need to install drivers.
  • Record and stream high quality video from any device, anywhere.
  • Compatible with various software and web applications.
  • Capture your footage in real time.
  • No more worrying about compatibility issues
  • Capture SD/HD/3G/2K-SDI & Embedded Audio
  • Loop-Through SD/HD/3G/2K-SDI
  • Line-In Audio Input
  • De-Embed Audio from SDI


“Do you need everything captured, recorded or streamed? Then the Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 is here for you. It’s a flexible and cost-effective way to import and stream feeds from live cameras.”

One of the challenges when working with video is getting your input digitized. Well, now you can easily import an SDI signal into your computer with this device that provides a handy and efficient way of connecting cameras, decks, switchers, and other broadcast and surveillance equipment to your computer – without any additional drivers required! Simple plug-and-play connection means compatibility with various software apps on Macs (Premiere Pro), Windows computers (Director) Linux (Dub Studio HD), Chrome OS (Rippler), without having to install anything extra or using complicated settings.

Ever wanted to stream live or record SDI video, but found that there was no easy high-quality option? Well with the Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 this is all at your fingertips. This sleek and modern device plugs into a PC via USB 3.0 in exchange for some analog signal input (typically from an external source such as mixer or camera).

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