Panasonic AW-HE42 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera
Panasonic AW-HE42 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera

Panasonic AW-HE42 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera


Do you want to take your video production to the next level?

The Panasonic AW-HE42 PRO PTZ remote camera is perfect for demanding remote video productions and IMAG use. With IP preview transmission and control, support for PoE+, and versatile control / workflow options, HE42 cameras are ideal for any situation. The 20x optical zoom lens, a wide field of view, smooth pan/tilt/zoom functions and exceptional image quality make it an excellent choice for any professional videographer or filmmaker.

You’ll be able to capture stunning footage with this camera that will leave viewers speechless. It has everything you need from a high-quality lens to precise controls so you can get the shot just right every time. Get yours today!

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The Panasonic AW-HE42 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera with 3G-SDI


  • Capture the perfect shot in any situation
  • Save time and money on installation
  • Get more done with less equipment.
  • You’ll be able to capture high quality footage from a distance
  • Your videos will have more dynamic range and better color
  • You won’t need any extra cables for power
  • 1/2.3″ MOS Sensor with 20x Optical Zoom (extendable by iA zoom)
  • Excellent HD video via 3G-SDI, HDMI, USB & LAN
  • High Dynamic Range function (HDR), suitable for backlit condition
  • A Single Cable Solution for Remote Video and Audio Capture (NDI|HX option available)
  • Supports PoE+ (Power over Ethernet+) for lower installation costs


The AW-HE42 PRO PTZ remote camera is the best tool for serious video professionals in all industries wanting to produce high-quality results. Proven to meet demanding needs, this camera’s 20x optical zoom lens provides clearer and sharper images from afar. Smooth pan/tilt/zoom functions allow for a full range of control, while IP preview transmission and control keeps production teams connected at all times. With an exceptional image quality supported by PoE+ technology (a power supply provided via LAN cable) your work will always boast polished professionalism thanks to HE42 cameras.

Imagine the power of live streaming events, remote lectures, or distance learning with an unstoppable Panasonic AW-HE42 PRO PTZ camera. Whether you’re on set or from miles away, this powerful professional camera is built to produce great results in a variety of applications that require high quality video and precise control. Here’s why: That 20x optical zoom lens lets you capture close objects with extra detail and works as well for wide shots like weddings so everything looks crisp through any lens. You can use almost every tool at your disposal thanks to smooth pan/tilt/zoom functions plus IR LEDs (that provide 25 meters of night vision).

The Panasonic Digital Camera is perfect for all your unique projects. One of our customer’s favorite features about the Panasonic Cameras are that they come with a precision 20x optical zoom lens, which helps you get closer to your subjects than ever before with the HD quality images. With IP preview transmission and control, support for PoE+ (which allows power to be supplied via a LAN cable), and versatile control / workflow options, this camera offers some of the best remote video productions available!

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