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PTZOptics 12x-SDI Gen2 Live Streaming Camera
PTZOptics 12x-SDI Gen2 Live Streaming Camera

PTZOptics 12x-SDI Gen2 Live Streaming Camera


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The PTZOptics 12X-SDI Pan Tilt Zoom Live Streaming Camera is the perfect solution for any live streaming professional. This camera has an incredible zoom range, wide dynamic range, and no noise reduction. It’s also compatible with many different broadcast frame rates. You won’t find another camera like it on the market today!

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The PTZOptics 12x-SDI Gen2 Live Streaming Camera


  • Captures a wider range of light and dark scenes.
  • Noise reduction is better than ever before.
  • Capture the perfect moment with crisp, clear footage every time.
  • You’ll have a great shot no matter the environment.
  • The HD quality is perfect for any project.
  • Capture your life in the best possible way with our camera.
  • This camera will feel like an extension of yourself, giving you more creative freedom to do things exactly how you want.


PTZoptics brings you yet another exquisite advanced live streaming, tilt, pan, and zoom network connected camera. Their devices are built for quality and created by experts in the field. With some of the most popular PTZ cameras ever designed in the history of recording devices, theirs is functionality, aesthetics, and price all bundled into one affordable fully remotely controlled, package.

If you’re in the market for the ultimate combination of speed, clarity, and light sensitivity, then look no further than this excellent product from PTZOptics. This camera shows its mastery via incredible optics and continuous game-changing high-quality video outputs. Use this state-of-the-art piece with any web-based video meeting conveniently capable of hooking up to most software solutions including Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Skype.

There are several unique aspects to this device that put it on our 5-star rated list. With its wide, dynamic range and high-performance in low light scenarios as well, you are guaranteed to get clarity 24/7. With the simple, “one-push” and Kelvin temperature scales coupled with the 12X optical zoom for capturing both wide angles and long shots, this camera will live up to its name.

The 72.5-degree wide-angle lens makes sure you capture as much distance and with 30 frames per second, and a full 1920x1080p HD Resolution, the clarity, and depth of field are incomparable. Additional features such as the 2D and 3D noise reduction capability are a bonus for these often-noisy appliances. Ideal for live streaming, these cameras couldn’t be more versatile with a Frame Rate of 1080p/30, 1080p/25, 720p/60 vertical flip, and mirror supported you can capture any indoor environment with ease.

The camera only weighs 3.05 lbs. (1.38 kg) so it is easy to install and with the luxury of use of the remote robotic control that it comes with, there is no annoyance and it works with a few different devices including Android smartphones and iOS. It has advanced control software for OBS that works with live streaming, Wirecast, Tricaster, vMix, and MinoLive, to name a few.

Control it remotely using the included IP and Serial joystick controller, and Stream Deck integration with open-source control software on GitHub. Mounting options are several too, and installation takes only 10 minutes. Because they are so light you can place them anywhere including on your office ceiling, any indoor space, and even on a pole, and capture movements like never. It also has advanced white balance modes to make sure you receive high definition results every time.

The Gen 3IP Joystick helps you take control of the PTZ camera with its low-latency advanced PTZ speed controls, giving you access to all on-screen display menu, focus lock, and much more all at the touch of a few buttons. All you need is a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) to power this joystick and connect it to your network.

Once done, you can remotely control any cameras from one or multiple spots. Included in the bundle is the IP connectivity, enabling this camera to be controlled remotely using an IP joystick controller. For scenarios where no local area network is available, a Serial Joystick can be used to provide remote PTZ controls.

If it breaks or ceases to function, the 3-year warranty that comes with labor and parts will warrant an easy fix or replacement in no time. designed to deliver multiple outputs and control methods, you can accommodate the growing popularity of such a useful camera, it will tick all the boxes of requirements in the 21st century. Don’t miss out on any of the action, grab yourself a few of these optical PTZ cameras so you can capture the ideal situations every time.

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