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AIDA PTZ Cameras AIDA Imaging PTZ-X12-IP Full HD IP Broadcast PTZ Camera


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These days, when you need a video camera to record or live-stream a church event, you certainly have a lot of options available to you. If you want a good pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera that offers excellent quality and doesn’t cost a lot of money, AIDA cameras are a great place to start. If Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are also important to you, the PTZ-X12-IP full HD camera is one to consider because it is a well-rounded, multipurpose video camera that can help both small and large churches accomplish their goals. Even small churches want professional-looking videos, and this camera is a great way to get it.


One of the biggest advantages of choosing this camera is the cost, which is a mere $1,350. This is something even most smaller churches can afford. Most churches nowadays have strict budgets but still need high-quality cameras, so it’s good to know you can easily get both. This Aida camera has a 12x zoom lens that makes closeups a breeze, and even if your subject is moving around a lot on the stage, you’ll still get crisp, clear images thanks to the technology used in the camera. Part of the reason is the advanced digital image processor that always provides the best images regardless of what you’re filming.


As far as output goes, you have a lot of options there as well, including HDMI, 3G-SDI, and USB 3.0. Online video outputs include RTSP/RTMP, and you get advanced IP streaming technology by either H.264 or H.265, which is newer and consists of high-efficiency video coding (HEVC). In practical terms, this means you can personalize the features of this camera to better meet your needs, so whether you’re live-streaming a sermon or recording a remote event or function, this camera is able to accommodate you every time.


There are many advantages of using an IP streaming video camera, including better overall quality, being able to share videos with numerous other devices, and the ability to store things digitally, which is extremely convenient. This 12x zoom camera is also compatible with most IP-based controllers, making the operation of the camera a piece of cake. In addition to crystal-clear images, you also get second-to-none noise-reduction capability, making it easy to eliminate extraneous noise that you simply don’t wish to include in your video. In other words, if you want a video camera that produces great results, is super easy to operate, and won’t break the bank, this is one of the computers you need to consider.



  • Full HD Progressive Scan sensor captures the sharp and vivid color under different light conditions
  • Advanced digital image processor provides vivid and detailed images with full access feature sets
  • "Motion-compensated temporal noise reduction filter leads to effective noise reduction for motion video without blur"
  • 3G/HD SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0, and  RJ-45 for versatility and seamless video performance
  • Power Optical Zoom capability up to 12X


Brand: Aida Imaging

Collection: PTZ Camera Lines

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