The AKG DMS100

You’ve got a big event coming up and you need to make sure everything sounds great.

AKG wireless instrument systems are the best on the market, with models for performers as well as presenters. They can be used in any setting – from your house of worship to board meetings – and they will help you sound your best no matter where you are.

Desire: With an AKG wireless instrument system, you won’t have to worry about cables getting tangled or tripping over them while performing or presenting. 

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  • AKG wireless instrument systems are easy to set up and use.
  • They can be used in any type of venue, indoors or outdoors.
  • Your voice will sound clearer than ever before.
  • You'll have the confidence that everything is being recorded flawlessly
  • AKG wireless instruments are reliable and sound great.
  • You’ll be able to do everything you need for your service without worrying about the equipment.
  • Your worship team will enjoy a more immersive experience, being able to hear themselves as they sing or speak from the stage


When your house of worship engages in high-tech musical productions for services or special events, one of the many items you’ll need to get everything set up properly is an instrument system to connect everything to, and the wireless ones are the most convenient. Wireless instrument systems made by AKG are some of the best on the market. They are made not only for performers but also for presenters, meaning that everything from your sermons to your board meetings will get what they need to sound great when they’re being recorded.

Thes AKG DMS100 combines the AKG sound that you already know is high quality with four channels of license-free 2.4GHz operation and advanced security features that you’ll love, combined with devices such as clip-on mics and headsets. With the AKG DMS100, you get a studio-quality sound without having to put up with interference as you do in an analog wireless system. If you need a setting that is confidential due to an important meeting you’re having, the signal security provided by AES 256-bit encryption will do the trick. Any sensitive information being shared at that point will be extremely safe.

The AKG DMS100 is perfect for musicians, board meetings, live productions, and anyone who wants that high-tech studio-quality sound yet still wants to feel free to move around while they’re on the stage. After all, just because you’ve decided to go wireless doesn’t mean that you should give up the quality that you want and deserve, and with this instrument system, you’ll never have to. You get all of this and much more for a system that costs barely $200, providing you with everything you need for your church or synagogue to look and feel professional without spending thousands of dollars on the equipment you need.

The AKG DMS100 is also a lightweight, easily transportable system that you can take anywhere. The transmitter and receiver together weigh barely a pound, and with a working range of 100 feet, your musicians or speakers can be pretty far away and you’ll still get great sound just as the pros do. This is also an intuitive system with a plug-and-play capability, which means that it takes no special experience or skills to get everything set up properly. Indeed, when you expect everything in your house of worship to sound right and look right, and you’ve decided on a digital wireless instrument system instead of analog, you’ll be glad you chose this one because it is easy to use, is reasonably priced, and promises not to disappoint.

Brand: AKG

Collection: Wireless Microphones

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