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AVer Cam520 Pro

With everything now being shifted to an online space, it is now time for the House of Worship to follow suit. Whether it is the live streaming of your weekly Sunday sermons and congregations or your participation at the officiating ceremonies of private events or meetings with other clergymen, you can now use our Aver Cam520 Pro HD Camera for all.


The innovative technology of this high-definition Aver Cam520 Pro allows you to create an experience so clear that you will never feel the distance between yourself and the worshipers. The Aver Cam520 Pro has a full 1080 pixel high resolution that records the video at 30 frames per second, giving you a smooth and high-quality video output.


Its Smart Frame technology automatically adjusts the frame on people based on facial recognition and. With a single click, you can optimize color and adjust the lighting to ensure that the faces of all the people being recorded are properly visible to the viewers.


Aver Cam520 Pro has an intelligent zooming camera. The 18X Total Zoom feature of Aver Cam520 Pro is one of the fastest and smoothest total zoom cameras that are available in the market. The intelligent 18X Total Zoom camera auto-focuses on the subjects and its 12X true optical zoom lens pans smoothly to capture rapid movements. The combined power of auto-focus optics and 12X optical zoom with PTZ captures even the smallest details with absolute clarity, regardless of the distance.


With the built-in RS232 feature of the Aver Cam520 Pro, you can now control the camera and adjust the setting with a handheld device. All you need is an AV control panel that uses the RS232 port and a VISCA support system. So, say goodbye to the frequent interruptions, long apologies, and haphazard movements as you get up every time to adjust the camera on the tripod because now, with Aver Cam520 Pro, you have the power to control the camera right at your fingertips.


Whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user, whether you are live streaming through your laptop or desktop, Aver Cam520 Pro is compatible with all. Its simple ‘plug and play design allows you to connect the camera with any device with the help of a single USB cable.


Now with Aver Cam520 Pro’s easy-to-use features, intelligent design, and smart facial recognition technology, you can record or live stream all your church services in HD, without any hassle.


 AVer CAM520 PRO Features:

  • HIGH DEFINITION: Full 1080p video at 30 frames per second enjoy the highest resolution available for your video conferencing and video collaboration calls.
  • SMART FRAME Automatically frames people based on facial recognition and optimize color and light for human faces with a single click.
  • 18X TOTAL ZOOM (12X optical zoom with PTZ) With one of the fastest and smoothest 18X total zoom available on the market today, the CAM520 PRO auto-focus optics and 12X true optical zoom delivers rapid and smooth pan, tilt and zoom performance to capture the smallest details with absolute clarity at every focal length.
  • RS232 INTEGRATION With advanced integration capabilities built into the CAM520 PRO, the system can easily incorporate into a controlled environment to allow users to manage the CAM520 PRO over an AV control panel using the RS232 port with VISCA support.
  • PLUG-N-PLAY: Compatible with all of your favorite applications connecting to virtually any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.


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