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AVer PTZ Cameras AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera


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If you have been trying your best to get around the difficulty of not being able to deliver your sermons face-to-face to your church community members and have resolved to use the online medium for conducting regular church services but still receive comments about the poor audio and video quality, then the AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera is just what you need.


Now with the advanced technology of AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera, your followers will not only be able to comprehend sermons twice as fast but will also be absolutely awestruck with the crystal-clear video and amazing sound quality.


The sleek design of this camera makes it portable, and it can also be mounted on a ceiling to give the viewers a wide-angled, panoramic view of the church hall. The 30X optical zoom lens of the AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera guarantees that every single intricate detail of the church’s interior design is clearly visible regardless of how far away it from the mounted camera.


The AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera gives you a full HD display in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, making every single shot so clear and vibrant that every single bead of the rosary will be visible to your viewers even if you are standing 15 feet away from the camera.


And if it is a conference that you want to organize at the cathedral with multiple participants, then you will surely love the Smart Shoot and Smart-Frame features of the AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera. The Smart Shoot feature allows you to track between your preset zones, creating a multi-camera feel for your audience. With just one camera, you can switch between 4 different angles to give your video the look and feel of a professionally edited video.


The AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera’s Smart Frame feature allows you to adjust the frame and lighting on all the participants with a single touch to ensure that every single person on the panel is in the frame and looks just as good as the ones sitting right in front of the camera.


The AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ Camera makes transferring raw video files twice as easy. You can simply remove the SD card or plug in the USB or HDMI cable to transfer and upload the video on the web. With AVer PTZ330 Professional PTZ, now, you can show the world the masterpiece that is created when science and faith work in cohesion.


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