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AVer PTZ Cameras AVer TR320 Professional Auto Tracking Camera


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If you are tired of waiting for the media team to record and edit your sermons and daily congregational prayers at the House of Worship want to deliver the message to your online church members in real-time, then we have just what you need. The AVer TR320 Professional Auto Tracking and Live Streaming Camera is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that will help you perform your religious duties at an optimal level.

So, say goodbye to waiting for the media team to set up the cameras for recording, the wait for the post-production, and the uploading on web platforms that can take hours. Because now, with the TR320, you can record, upload, and live-stream your sermons and prayers in one go.  

The TR320 Professional Auto Tracking and Live Streaming Camera is a revolutionary video recording camera that has wide-area tracking and stage tracking features. The wide-area tracking feature allows you to capture every single interaction with the worshippers who are sitting at the pews. It gives you the flexibility to leave your pulpit and engage with the worshippers or answer their questions. The wide-area tracking feature will ensure that the focus of the camera always stays on you.

The stage tracking feature of the TR320 allows you to capture professional-looking videos by giving you the option of tracking yourself across the altar in 8 different blocking zones. Simply adjust the Effective Zone settings to pre-select your 8 zones and instruct the camera to track you as you walk from one zone to another.

The AVer TR320 records at 1080p at 60 frames per second to give you a full-HD, smooth video. Its 22X optical zoom lens magnifies and clearly captures objects and subjects that are far away from the camera.

But now, your online viewers will no longer have to wait for the edited video to be uploaded a day or two later because they can be a part of the live sermon or prayer through the live-streaming capability of AVer TR320. It is compatible with most video streaming software like Zoom, Crestron, Telestream, and vMix, meaning you just have to connect the camera to your computer with an HDMI cable or directly connect the camera to the Internet via the IP to broadcast the sermon live to the online Christian community.


  • Wide Area Tracking Mode
  • 22X Optical Zoom
  • Full HD 1080p60 with HDMI/3G-SDI/IP Output
  • 120° FOV Panoramic Camera
  • IP Streaming


Brand: AVer

Collection: Auto Tracking Cameras

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