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BenQ Church Projectors BenQ EH600 Wireless 1080p Portable Smart Business Projector


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  • Wireless Mirroring: simple and easy presentation across multiple platforms compatible with PC, Mac/iOS, or Android devices with software-free, step-by-step instructions on the projector on-screen menu.
  • Built-in business apps: EH600 comes with business apps such as Blizz for video calls, TeamViewer to allow remote access of the projector, and Firefox browser to enhance your meetings’ productivity and efficiency
  • Over-the-air updates: IT administrators can now update the firmware on the EH600 over the air whenever a new firmware is available.
  • USB reader supporting multiple formats: Instead of unplugging your computer and whatever cables are connected to it, simply use a USB drive to present on the EH600. It will be able to read all your files whether they are in JPEG, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format.
  • Full HD 1080p resolution & 3500 lumens: EH600 offers high brightness and ultra-sharp readability.
  • Award-Winning Projector - Business/Education - Best of 2019 - Projector Central
  • Included components: projector, power cord



Looking for a projector for your house of worship can be a bit challenging, especially because there are so many of them now available, but with the BenQ EH600 smart projector made especially for business, you can now narrow down your choices a bit. This is a wireless projector that is easy to transport from one location to another, and thanks to the apps available for it, you’ll be amazed by everything it can do. The full HD 1080p resolution and 3500 Lumens mean that this projector provides you with excellent brightness and sharpness that makes everything you project onto the screen crisp and clear. Even better, it comes with everything you need to be able to use it immediately after taking it out of the box.


Perfect for sermons, classes, and all types of meetings, the EH600 business projector is perfect because it looks good, works great, and is so easy to use that even non-techies can figure it out in no time. There are three different versions of this smart projector -- Bright, Brighter, and Brightest -- and they range in price from $732 to $1100. This means that they offer something for everyone, making it much easier for you to get exactly what you want in the end. This is also a very versatile, high-quality projector that operates on 320 watts and has a new color-processing algorithm that results in pictures that are just as good as professional ones.


With this projector, the lamplight will last for roughly 15,000 hours, making it a very cost-effective projector. It also comes with perks such as 1.3x zoom, 2D Keystone, 100” at 2.5m to 3.3m, auto vertical Keystone, and corner fit correction. What this means in practical terms is simple: this is a great projector that you can count on for dozens of projects and will last for many years to come. From big projects to small, churches and synagogues to boardrooms, this projector does it all and you can get just what you need out of it without breaking the bank.


Projectors are an important part of the equipment used by houses of worship, especially now that more and more congregations are live-streaming and recording their services and other events. This one can be used in numerous ways and even allows for network control via LAN. It has won numerous awards in both Education and Business categories, and it even allows your IT people to update the firmware over the air, making this a very simple-to-use projector for everyone involved.

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