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Birddog P200

Being a house of worship, you may often feel a need for high-resolution cameras, especially if you’re one of those that organize large-scale religious and recreational events. A lot of hard work goes into organizing events on a large-scale, and there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be recorded. If you’re looking for a suitable camera to record all indoor and outdoor events that occur on your church premises, the BirdDog P200 is what you should get.


The BirdDog P200 is a full NDI camera featuring the NDI silicon chip that promises serious picture quality. It has been specifically designed for large spaces like stadiums, sports grounds, and conference and meeting halls. With a variable bit rate, the I-frame codec of Birddog P200 goes up to 140Mbits at a rate of 1080p60. The lightning-fast auto-focus makes this camera an ideal option for recording sports events like football.


As far as the optics are concerned, they couldn’t get any better. The BirdDog P200 comes with the Sony CMOS Backlit sensor, which is the absolute best! The Sony CMOS Backlit sensor and custom NDI chip work together to produce visual content of superior quality, unlike any other camera!


The auto-focus and 30x optical zoom features of the BirdDog P200 are insanely fast, which ensures that nothing of importance goes unnoticed and unrecorded.


Apart from the super-fast and super-sharp zoom and focus, the BirdDog P200 is equipped with 3 independent outputs, including full NDI, HMDI, and SDI, making this PTZ camera the perfect, comprehensive solution. What makes the BirdDog P200 unparalleled to any other NDI PTZ camera in terms of picture quality, responsiveness, and overall performance is the Sony image module.


As if these features weren’t enough, the BirdDog P200 supports as many as four BirdDog devices – thanks to the BirdDog Comms Lite software, which is audio intercom software. This software is compatible with Windows, which implies that you can control the BirdDog P200 from any Windows device.


The incredible features of the BirdDog P200 make it one of the best options for recording large sports events and religious sermons and gatherings. If you are on the lookout for a camera that produces excellent quality images, the BirdDog P200 is what you should get.



  • Image Sensor: 1 / 2.8 inch CMOS 2.13MP
  • Lens: 4.3-129mm
  • Optical Zoom: 30x
  • Digital Zoom: 12x
  • NDI /HDMI /SDI outputs


BrandBirddog Eyes

CollectionPTZ Cameras

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