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Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO

If you’re not tech-savvy but you’re in charge of your house of worship’s live broadcasts, not to worry because, with the ATEM Mini Pro ISO switcher, you can produce professional live streaming and recording without being a tech genius. This switcher offers four HDMI inputs, 2D DVE, an audio mixer with EQ and dynamics, and a USB webcam out, this is the switcher you want. Let’s face it, to get great live streaming and recording tasks completed, you need the right equipment, and this is a great switcher to have because not only does it help you get the results you want, but it does this for less than $900.


But don’t let the low price of this switcher fool you. It has a lot of the tools that switchers that cost a lot more have, so whether you’re video streaming or recording a sermon, class, meeting, or other events, you’ll have access to everything you need to get great results every time. You can record to USB disks in H.264 format, and you even get a built-in hardware streaming engine that lets you stream directly to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, and many others. With the multiview feature, you can even see all of the cameras you’re using with a single monitor, and you can record live streams including all input as clean feeds for editing.


You get a DaVinci project file for fast edit turnaround and a Blackmagic RAW file re-linking for finishing in ultra HD. One of the many advantages of using this switcher is its ability to accommodate many different cameras, which is a huge advantage when you want to project a professional image to everyone who watches your live stream or videos. Rather than use a simple webcam, using video cameras with HDMI outputs provides you with better overall quality, in part because they have better low-light sensitivity and lenses that tend to be much higher in quality.


Indeed, you can research all of the technical aspects of this switcher, but the important thing you need to remember is that it allows you to produce videos like the experts do even if you don’t know a lot about audio or video equipment. The user manual included in the packaging enables you to learn to use it in no time, so you’ll quickly be making high-tech videos that look great and sound great. For a church or synagogue to find a switcher that does all of this and more at a great price is phenomenal, yet this is exactly what the Mini Pro ISO switcher does.

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