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Blackmagic Design Video Switchers Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel


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Video editors and colorists need the right tools to get the job done right, and this Resolve micro panel is a portable control surface that works perfectly with the Resolve software to provide much more control and a much faster workflow than working with just a keyboard and mouse. With this device, you get three high-resolution weighted trackballs that make using the panel much easier, along with 12 control knobs that make the color-correction tools in the software even easier to access. The 18 dedicated keys on the right allow you to access commonly used playback controls and grading features, and they are super easy to learn and use.


Compatible with Mac, Windows, and certain Linux operating systems, this micro panel uses a standard USB 3.0 type C interface to connect to a computer or laptop, which powers the panels and eliminates the need for an additional power supply. If you have a type-A port, not to worry because the panel comes with a cable that allows you to accommodate that need. This is also a small device that you can take anywhere you go, and some of its many features include:

  • Control knobs that are grouped into four sets of three knobs
  • Custom control knobs with 4096 steps per rotation and push-button reset
  • Y-lift and Y-gamma control keys to adjust image contrasts
  • Detail buttons that allow for expert control of shadows, highlights, and color boosts
  • Hue control buttons that have a default setting of 50
  • Low-profile design that includes buttons for workspace navigation and common features


This panel interfaces with and controls the software, and you get the log and offset color-correction selection buttons that allow you to get the perfect color every time. It can do so much that the panel even allows you to set the saturation, detail, luminance, and contrast until everything in your images is aesthetically pleasing to your viewers.


When you need to edit a video, you need the right equipment so the job can be done to perfection, and that’s what this device offers to all editors. Even if you’re not that experienced at the job, the DaVinci Resolve micro panel makes it easy for you. It is a very user-friendly device that won’t take you long to learn, and its price of $1,025 makes it affordable for everyone. When you have a house of worship that’s on a budget, this is important, but the panel is great for other facilities as well, including corporations, television studios, and many more.

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