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Blackmagic Design Video Switchers Blackmagic Design MultiDock 10G


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Houses of worship need top-notch equipment if they’re going to video-stream or record sermons, retreats, and other events, and this advanced SSD docking station has four separate SSDs that can be accessed via a single high-speed 10 Gb/s USB-C connection. Since it is specifically designed for the television and film industry, it provides you with everything you need to get professional results even if you’re a bit “technologically challenged.” You get a rack mount design that has an independent SATA driver chip on each of the disks so that you get fast data-transfer speeds, and it can even be connected directly to a computer so that you can edit directly from media disks. Finally, it can even be used with the HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR for playback and recording purposes.


Priced at just below $600, this inexpensive yet high-quality SSD docking cable has a compact 1 RU all-metal design that allows you to mount it in any professional rack. You get disk slots with illuminated disk indicators that allow you to see when each disk is being accessed – a convenient feature for sure. You can also repair the design when you need to, enabling you to replace the socket connector in each of the slots. Even better, this device is super easy to use because all you have to do is plug it into any USB-C port on either a Mac or Windows computer. That means no software to install!


In addition, the rear panel contains two USB-C connections and a slide switch that makes shared use much simpler. This feature enables you to easily select between using four disk slots on a single USB-C connection or two slots on each USB-C connection. You even get a built-in AC power supply that provides you with the power you need to run four SSDs or hard disks at the same time, making it perfect for super high-tech productions. In fact, this is one device that you’ll love simply because it makes your life so much easier, making it perfect for houses of worship of all types and sizes.


For added versatility, if you use this device with your HyperDeck Extreme, it allows you to insert an SSD into the MultiDock and see it on the on-screen menus of the HyperDeck Extreme. This makes it easier to select it for record and playback purposes, giving you yet another reason why choosing this product is such a smart idea. With the MultiDock, you can even relocate media disks simply by unplugging the disks and walking over to a new location. It’s a great convenience to have for both small and large houses of worship!

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