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Blackmagic Design Video Switchers Blackmagic Design Videohub Smart Control Pro


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If you have a large house of worship with rack-mounted equipment, the right control panel is a must. The Blackmagic Design Videohub Smart Control Pro panel is hardware-based, and you can choose between two different control panels in order to get a personalized piece of equipment that will always accommodate your needs. You can set up the 48 illuminated buttons to any router output, and a single button press allows you to set your input to any SDI equipment. In fact, you can operate this controller in one of two ways: either by pressing a button directly or by scrolling with the spin knob, allowing you to access any destination or source.


Because the display screen has the right-sized buttons that are clearly marked and that light up, you can always see the source or destination clearly. It is also a very eye-catching control panel that is aesthetically pleasing to work with. At a price of around $700, you won’t have to break the bank just to add to your collection of vital, important broadcasting equipment. Some of the important features of this control panel include:

  • USB-C software configuration port
  • Push buttons and ten assignable macro buttons located in the front
  • Software for both Mac and Windows operating systems included
  • Ethernet source and destination control
  • A total of 48 programmable buttons


This is indeed a complete control system that is versatile and can be personalized to meet your needs. It is super easy to learn and just the right size, neither too big nor too small. It is also a very fast router that you can route with a single button press, and since each button can be programmed just the way you want it to be, it’s easy to feel as if this is one control panel made just for you and no one else! For all houses of worship, this is a great device because of the many things it can do for you.


To make everything even better, the control panel is designed with a very elegant look. The buttons are easy to push and just the right size and they are even color-coded so that operating them is a piece of cake. Because of the organized, attractive look, staying fully aware of your router status at all times is very simple. Even better, you can easily slide off the panels so that personalized labels can fit inside each of the buttons, allowing you to set your own customized labels to make everything a lot easier. This is a versatile control panel with the attributes you need to make your job a lot easier.


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