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Christie Church Projectors Christie DHD850-GS 6,900 Lumen, HD, 1DLP Laser Projector


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Please note: Christie projectors MUST be paired with a compatible lens. Please contact us at or 702-377-1639 prior to ordering this product.

Christie DHD850-GS 6,900 Lumen HD 1DLP Laser Projector

A great projector isn’t always inexpensive, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and nowhere is this truer than when you’re buying electronics. The Christie DHD850-GS laser projector costs around $13,300, but it is a super high-quality projector that delivers on its promises and produces the professional results you want and deserve. With 20,000 hours of consistent illumination, even operating it 24/7 isn’t a problem, and it is very high-tech as well, which means every inch of what is projected onto the screen will come out crystal clear and professional-looking.


This laser projector has built-in color matching, blending, and warping, which guarantees very uniform images even with complex applications. In fact, the projector is great at making complicated maneuvers a lot simpler, especially on the part of the user. What this means in practical terms is that you don’t have to be a tech genius just to learn how to use this projector. Indeed, it practically operates by itself because it is so simple to use. This was the company’s goal, and it’s an asset for houses of worship because in most cases, your projector operators will not be professional techies but instead, laypeople and most likely volunteers from all walks of life.


If your house of worship is used to conducting very large productions and you need a sophisticated projector, this is definitely one to consider. With the DHD850-GS laser projector, you’ll never again have lamp or filter replacements to worry about, and you get high-quality images that look great and sound great regardless of what you’re filming. With 20,000 hours of constant illumination, it is guaranteed to last for a very long time, making it perfect not just for houses of worship but also for educational facilities, large conferences, and even entertainment and other large venues.


The projector is also small and compact, not to mention lightweight, and it is super quiet to operate and even comes with a full suite of lenses to make everything you do with it much more personalized. It is a very reliable and sturdy projector, and whether you’re using it for a sermon, class, conference, or board meeting, it can accommodate you with ease. This projector with a small footprint is still a very powerful projector, so never let its size fool you. The DHD850-GS projector is one item you won’t regret purchasing, and even though you’ll pay more than just a few thousand dollars for it, it’s worth every penny because of its quality, reliability, and its longevity.

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