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HuddleCamHD HC10X

If you are about to organize a Church Leadership Conference at your community church but are worried about the audio and video quality, then our HuddleCamHD 10X Video Conferencing Camera is exactly what you need. It is a revolutionary USB 2.0 video conference camera that has been designed by keeping various conferencing setups in mind.


The HuddleCamHD 10X Video Conferencing Camera is perfect for small to medium-sized conference rooms. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and can be used for online video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams as well as live-streaming software like XSpilt and Open Broadcaster.


The HuddleCamHD 10X Video Conferencing Camera is a full HD camera that records in 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 frames per second. The video output is so smooth and clear that it looks as if it has been shot from a professional 4K camera with advanced lighting techniques.


The HuddleCamHD 10X Video Conferencing Camera has a 10X optical zoom lens that allows you to focus on faraway objects and small details to explain things clearly to all the pastors who are attending the conference. So, if you want to hold up the Bible and focus the camera on the verse that you are pointing it, with HuddleCamHD 10X Video Conferencing Camera’s 10X optical zoom lens, now you can easily do that.


The innovative ±359° pan movement of the HuddleCamHD 10X Video Conferencing Camera allows you to smoothly capture a panoramic shot of the conference room without breaking the view into small, multiple wide-angle shots. Its swift 90-degree up and 45-degree down tilt rotation will help you pan the camera up and down when participants are standing up or sitting down without cutting them from the frame.


The HuddleCamHD 10X Video Conferencing Camera has a 1/2.8” CMOS sensor and 2.1 Mega Pixel camera lens that guarantees clear, bright, and vibrant video output even if the conference is being conducted in a dimly lit room.


So, plug this affordable HuddleCamHD 10X Video Conferencing Camera into your computer and let it capture the rest.


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