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Lumens PTZ Cameras Lumens VC-A50PB HD PTZ IP Camera


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We can never thank the churches for the services they offer to the community. From congregations to sermons to charity to recreational family gatherings, churches do so much. The churches’ responsibility towards the community is massively huge, but they deliver what’s expected of them. As the times change, it’s getting easier for the churches to spread their holy message to the masses. The inception of video broadcasting has been extra kind to these religious centers, as now, they can spread their message to those who don’t usually get the time to visit personally.


Broadcasting their teachings and sermons isn’t everything. What matters is the quality of the video content that is broadcasted. Low-quality content will fail to deliver the desired impact. But with the Lumens VC-A50PB PTZ IP Camera, the problem has been resolved.


The Lumens VC-A50PB comes with a 1/2.8-inches image sensor that gives a high resolution, 1080p HD visual output. The sensor enhances the colors, redefines the signals, and produces crystal clear images. The best thing about this PTZ IP camera is that it doesn’t stay at any one angle. It’s a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera that offers a fairly wide field of view. The tilt angle range is -30 degrees to +90 degrees, and the pan angle range is from -170 degrees to +170 degrees. What’s worth mentioning is that the transitioning is quiet, quick, and very precise.


Another plus that’s associated with the Lumens VC-A50PB is that you can use an IP browser to control and view the camera remotely via your computer, mobile, or Mac device. What’s more, is that the IP video can be transmitted to as many as 5 terminals.


It also supports AAC encoding and stereo audio transmission through HDMI, SDI, and the internet, making it an ideal option for broadcasting your sermons and religious lectures from the church to a virtual audience.



  • Full HD 1080p signal output format with a high frame rate of 60 fps
  • Support POE (Power Over Ethernet) lets network cables supply power
  • Supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol that optimizes streaming performance
  • Audio Input Support AAC encoding with 44.1/48 K sampling frequency
  • Video Output: 1080p 60/59.94/50 fps, 1080i 60/59.94/50 fps, 1080p 30/29.97/25 fps, 720p 60/59.94/50 fps


Brand: Lumens

Collection: Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

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