If you’re going to be using several video cameras to film events in your church or small business, you’ll need a high-quality controller so that you can keep track of what they’re all doing at any given time, and the Panasonic RP150 controller is the latest in a long line of top-notch controllers that you’ll soon feel you can’t live without. Priced at around $4,700, it is affordable for most organizations and even comes with a joystick for extra-easy, one-hand operation. The touchscreen display includes a well-lit LCD screen that is super easy to read and use, and its intuitive design elements mean it is very easy to learn as well.


One of the best parts of owning a controller like this is the fact that you can both keep track of all of the cameras you’re using and allow these cameras to communicate with one another. It comes with everything you need to begin using it immediately, and it’s so easy to learn that you’ll be using it before you know it. In fact, you’ll be just as surprised by how simple it is to learn as you’ll be when you realize how much it can do for you and how much easier it will make your job once you get it up and running.


This is also a lightweight, compact controller that measures roughly 13.5” x 7” x 9.75” in size, which means it is never a super-heavy or cumbersome device to deal with despite how you’re using it. It can accommodate up to 200 (IP) or five (RS422) connectible cameras, which means it will work well even for large functions, and you even get 100 preset memory buttons that allow you to set up and begin using the camera a lot sooner the next time. You get 6 to 10 assignable buttons, seven levels of adjustment for your pan/tilt feature, and both green and red tally LED display lights.


Best of all, the RP150 controller is compatible with tons of PTZ and focus cameras, including the AW-HR140 PTZ camera, AW-UE70 4K PTZ camera, AW-UE150 PTZ camera, and even devices such as the Technopoint robotic system and the Technopoint Tuning floor dolly, among others. If you intend to use more than one camera at any point in your career, you’ll need a good reliable controller, and this is definitely one you should consider. It provides professional results even if the operator isn’t exactly tech-savvy, and it is compatible with tons of other devices and, therefore, can save you both time and money in the long run.


  • Large touchscreen for easy usability
  • New joystick for one-handed operation
  • Simplified PTZ camera presets and tracing memory
  • Intuitive design elements based on direct feedback from everyday robotic camera operators
  • 3G-SDI Active Through Output, 5 x RS-422, LAN PoE+, 2 x GPIOs


Brand: Panasonic

Collection: PTZ Joystick Controllers

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