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USB PTZ Cameras

USB PTZcameras such as this powerful HD PTZ camera is built with USB 3.0 connectivity for plug and play use with any type of video recording, streaming, and conferencing applications. Easily adaptable and easy to use with PTZOptics Mac & PC Software ranging from use on any modern web-browser, video conferencing software such as Zoom and Skype web-based Video Conferencing.


The PTZOptics 20X-USB is a 1080p camera that has been meticulously designed to incorporate a 20X optical zoom for capturing HD video at long distances. With support for USB, HDMI, and IP Streaming (H.264) this camera is ideal for broadcasting high definition video signals for broadcast or video conferencing applications.


Some of its key features include the 60.7-degree wide-angle lens, the capability of running a High performance in any low illumination situations guaranteeing clarity that far surpasses most models on the markets. With a Full 1920x1080p HD Resolution, you can get up to 30 frames per second. Not to mention it is one of the quietest devices and has 2D and 3D noise reduction with our latest “low noise CMOS sensor” and HDMI, USB 3.0, IP Streaming (All Simultaneous).


With a powerful combination of both camera and lens, you would be investing in some of the best plug-and-play, fully remote-controlled gadgets. Who wouldn’t like that kind of advanced technology and ease of use all in one? Any type of video communication can benefit from this model. Use it with any Smartphone (iOS, Android, Kindle) and 100% compatible with Mac & PC Software, any modern web browser, or video conferencing software such as Zoom Video Conferencing.


The Gen 3IP Joystick helps you take control of the PTZ camera with its low-latency advanced PTZ speed controls, giving you access to the on-screen display menu, focus lock, and much more all at the touch of a few buttons. All you need is a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) to power this joystick and connect it to your network. Once done, you can remotely control any cameras from one or multiple spots. Comes with IP connectivity this camera can be controlled remotely using an IP joystick controller. For scenarios where no local area network is available, a Serial Joystick can be used to provide remote PTZ controls.


With Stream Deck live streaming integration as your control panel, handling everything from one place has never been easier. Once you download the software you can go ahead and launch the program and it will indicate that everything is working perfectly fine. You can add and remove additional commands by a simple drag and drop flick of the hand.


Take control of your PTZOptics cameras with the Open Broadcaster Plugin GitHub. The new plugin includes advanced features for pan, tilt, and zoom control of your PTZOptics camera directly inside OBS. Join the world of flexible mounting options and remote-control capabilities. Mount it on your wall, on the ceiling, or a pole, it is designed to help you achieve the most out of your projects without any hassles.


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