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Roland V-1HD Review

Roland V-1HD Review

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The Roland V-1HD is an audio and video switcher, not just a video mixer like many other brands offer. You get a lot of bang for your buck because of this, especially since it provides you with up to four video sources at up to 1080p resolution. The mixer looks small but really packs a punch and even allows you to perform some very high-tech effects, including picture in picture and keying effects. The buttons’ layout is easy to understand and just makes sense, and you can even use the USB or MIDI feature to control the mixer remotely, provided you use the right software.

Some of the Mixer’s Main Benefits

If you need a way to video-stream and use special effects to get a professional production in the end, but your space is limited, the Roland V-1HD audio and video switcher is what you need. It is priced at just under $1,000 and is therefore affordable, and its main benefits include:

  • A wide range of transition effects.
  • Buttons that are backlit to easily identify video streams.
  • Professional compositing effects for top-notch results.

With this switcher, you get four HDMI video inputs, one HDMI (out) and one HDMI (preview) video outputs, one Dual RCA stereo and one 1/8” (mic) audio inputs, and one Dual RCA stereo video output. It also allows you to hook up a microphone, gives you one USB Type B port, and provides you with an additional I/O using MIDI in, out/thru. If you want something compact, this device is what you want because it is roughly 1.5 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 4 inches deep, making it super easy to transport from one location to another.

Perfect for mobile DJs and those who just want professional video-streaming results with lots of bells and whistles, the V-1HD mixer even has a software app that can be used for a PC, Mac, and iPad. The color-coded buttons provide you with comprehensive visual feedback, and you even get a total of nine filter effects that include colorpass, negative, silhouette, and findedge. These factors make this mixer perfect for education, videography, seminars, visual performances, and webcasting, to name a few.

Additional Perks of This Switcher

The V-1HD switcher has two HDMI outputs, but there is a unique feature to them. While the program output is the same as with most mixers, the preview output is programmable, so you can make it a quad-view display, a duplicate of the program output, or keep it a preview output. You also get certain video input formats, including 720 50/60P and 1080 50/60 I/P. With this mixer, the interlaced signals automatically convert to progressive, and you can even choose between two different methods of de-interlacing: bob and weave.

If you want to set your input resolution and frame rate, you have to do so by setting the output frame rate and the resolution first. Why? Because the V-1HD mixer doesn’t have up/down/cross converters, which are required to switch mixed formats. The good news, though, is that Roland has a complete line of VC-1 converters that you can use if you’re working with mixed formats that require conversion and/or scaling. When you want to perform switching, you push the input buttons on the active bus, which allows you to change to a different input with a straight cut, and it happens quickly.

With this mixer, you get four types of mix effects and a total of 30 wipe effects you can choose. You also get three different compositing effects: chroma/luminance key, split, and picture in picture (PiP). The PiP effect gives you just two available sizes, but most houses of worship find that these two sizes are enough to accommodate their needs. You can also save presets for effect, audio, and output settings to one of the eight buttons found on the console. You can do the same thing with their remote app. In fact, you can even back up all of your presets on a remote app if you like, which is convenient if you need to do a factory reset or an upgrade.

You can control this mixer either with the hardware itself or through the remote app, and you get a 12-channel digital audio mixer, green-screen keying capability, advanced video effects, a manual T-bar, and program output and multi-view preview, among other features. The four HDMI inputs come with frame buffers, and best of all, you get everything you need to begin using the device immediately after you take it out of the package. It is not only small, lightweight, and compact, but it also provides you with a lot of the same functions as many video mixers that are much higher in price than this one.

What Do Real-Life Customers Say About the Switcher?

If you’re curious about what actual customers have to say about the Roland V-1HD switcher, here are a few comments from some of them:

  • “Just what we needed to replace our old ATEM system. Works GREAT.”
  • “Gear does exactly what I need!”
  • “The first installation I did with one of these units is still running strong years later, so the V-1HD has demonstrated high reliability in my experience.”
  • “The unit has great features for the $$$. I’ve been using it almost 3 years and love it!”

Indeed, the Roland V-1HD switcher has a 4.2-star rating (out of a possible 5 stars) on sites such as Amazon, and this says a lot about the overall quality of the product and the overall customer satisfaction rate. For directors who want something reasonably priced, compact and portable, and which does what it says it will do, you can’t go wrong with this mixer.


The Roland V-1HD video and audio switcher is unlike most other switchers both in the price and in its many features and perks. With backlit control buttons that are easy to learn and easy to use, not to mention a price that’s under $1,000, this switcher is great not only for houses of worship but many other organizations as well. You will certainly not be disappointed if you purchase this switcher because it truly offers something for everyone, which includes small houses of worship and large corporations, as well as everything in between.Order Today!


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