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church stage lighting design

Church Stage Lighting Design

Designing Your Church Stage Lighting How Do You Light up a Church Stage? Lighting up a church stage means having the right equipment, which includes not just the right lighting but also the splitters, lighting consoles, and power cables. In other words, all of this equipment works together to produce excellent high-quality stage lighting for […]

The Basic Principles of Church Stage Lighting

The Basic Principles of Church Stage Lighting: A Guide

Understanding Church Stage Lighting Church stage lighting is an important part of the church’s worship service. It sets the mood and tone for the church gathering, as well as helping to focus attention on what is happening in front of it. Church stage lighting can be quite complex, but there are some basic principles that […]

Setting up your church stage lighting

Setting Up Your Church Stage Lighting

Setting up the right lighting on your church stage isn’t as difficult as you might think, and since you’ll likely get a pro to do most of the work for you, you don’t really need to get too specific about the logistics of getting your lighting all set up. You should, however, learn some basics […]

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