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What Is Auto Tracking in PTZ Cameras?

What Is Auto Tracking in PTZ Cameras?

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PTZ cameras are becoming more and more popular in many different applications. They are able to pan, tilt, and zoom due to the mechanical motors that are inside of them. This means that they can be installed in different locations, including those that are difficult to access. They also have a lot of different features, including auto tracking.

Auto tracking is a feature that allows your PTZ camera to cover a large area by automatically detecting and following motion activated events. This feature makes these cameras more flexible and useful because it requires less manpower than other cameras. Continue reading to learn about auto tracking and what it allows your camera to do.

What Is an Auto Tracking Camera?

An auto tracking camera is made with smart technology that is similar to motion detection. In this case, the camera can detect motion by a person, an animal, or a vehicle, and the camera will awaken and follow it until it moves out of the coverage area. This is beneficial because it eliminates the need for a camera operator.

If you use the PTZ camera for surveillance, the camera will pick up on intruders and it can zoom in for details of the intruder’s face or a vehicle’s license plate. You can use a single camera to cover a large area because the camera will pan, tilt, and zoom to cover the entire area. These cameras can be programmed to use auto tracking, so you don’t need a person monitoring the camera.

How Does an Auto Tracking Camera Work?

The auto tracking system works similarly to a motion detection device. The camera is programmed to compare the current image with the image that was right before it, and when a certain number of pixels change, the camera registers that motion has occurred. It will then track the changes in pixels as a moving object.

When this system is activated, it will follow a person, a vehicle, or a wild animal across the field of view. As it moves, it continues to compare the frames of the image so that it understands the direction that the object (or person) is moving. This technology makes these cameras very useful for different applications, especially security and surveillance.

Benefits of Auto Tracking

Auto tracking is also called Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) and it allows the camera to automatically track and follow anything that moves within its field of view. It will zoom in and out and auto focus so that you get a clear picture of the moving object. This is beneficial to users because it increases the performance of the PTZ camera.

First, it allows you to monitor low traffic areas with greater security. Rather than letting you know that there has been motion, it will track the motion throughout the entire field of view. You can determine whether it was a branch blown by the wind or an actual person who didn’t belong in the location. It also helps you identify anything or anyone that is in the area.

In addition, you get a continuous feed of the motion from start to finish. Rather than having to go through images and put them together based on timestamps, you can see the complete event, which makes it easier to understand exactly what happened.

Another benefit is that you don’t need multiple cameras to cover an area. One PTZ camera with 20x or 30x zoom usually has 360 pan, and it can cover the entire area and replace two to four fixed cameras. The high powered zoom allows you to see the details in images that are further away, and these cameras often have night vision and can record motion in low light.

Finally, you can program the camera to track particular types of motions. You can set it to ignore snow falling or leaves blowing and focus on larger objects such as vehicles, people, and gates that might open or close. You can set the size of the object on some cameras, which makes it very convenient. You can also set it to monitor different parts of the area so that it will pick up any unusual activity.

If you are using the camera for a livestream or a church service, it will track across the stage. This eliminates the need for a full-time camera operator. There are many benefits to using the auto tracking feature of PTZ cameras.

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